Review Cocar Backup Parking Radar System
Cocar Backup Parking Radar System

Cocar Reverse Radar System, 8 Silver Parking Sensors, Distance Detection and Audio Alarm, Reverse Sensor for Cars and Camps

The car reversing radar system consists of 8 ultrasonic sensors, a digital control box and a LED display that can be used to stop any vehicle easily. It is convenient to use a drill to drill holes in the bumper. They are useful in avoiding dangerous and costly collisions

custom made

Sensor Color: Black / White / Red / Blue / Silver / Champagne Gold / Dark Red / Gray
Rated voltage: 12V DC
Adjusted working range: 10.5V - 16V DC
Nominal current: 100mA-300mA
Detection distance: 0.3-2.0m
Ultrasound frequency: 40KHz
Controller operating temperature: -30-80 ° C.
Display operating temperature: -20-70 ° C
Indicator size: 44 x 17 mm (Depth x Height)
Sensor size: 19 x 25 (height x depth)
Main control box size: 90x60x23cm
Main control box weight: 63g

Review Cocar Backup Parking Radar System
Cocar Backup Parking Radar System

  • [HIGH QUALITY GLOBAL PARKING SENSOR] This universal parking radar system consists of 8 ultrasonic sensors (4 front sensors and 4 reverse sensors), digital central control box and LED display that facilitate parking any vehicle.
  • [Visual indication] The speed camera not only beeps, but also information about distance. As the distance approaches, the audible warning becomes more and more frequent. Avoid dangerous and costly collisions in the future.
  • [Easy to install] Easy to install, with detailed English manual. Equipped with a universal hole saw, very convenient for your car. Equipped with a 22mm metal burr for easy bumper drilling.
  • [Multicolor selection] We have a variety of colors to choose from (black / red / gray / white / fiat red / champagne gold / blue / silver). 8 weatherproof sensors + LED distance display + acoustic warning. Sensor cable length: Front sensor cable: 6 meters; Replacement Sensor Cable: 2.3m
  • [Best service] Quality of service. DOA or Free Refund in 30 days or Unconditional Refund in 2 years. You can always contact us if you have any questions. We will try our best to solve your problem

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