Review Snnetwork Radar Detector with Voice Prompt Speed
Snnetwork Radar Detector with Voice Prompt Speed

Snnetwork car radar detector, lidar detector with instant sound speed, vehicle speed warning system, LED display, city / highway mode, 360 degree auto detection (Fcc)

1) Super polar range technology with ultra-fast scanning circuit, can provide even the fastest radar speedometer, more detection area and better early warning function.
2) Detection of the Ku band radar rifle currently in use in the United States.
3) _ Discover the latest radar gun in popup mode (very fast in real time mode)
4) Automatic proportional speed sensor muting system, which almost eliminates false alarms.
5) Due to the relative speed sensor automatic shutdown function, your detector cannot be recognized by currently available radar detectors.
6) It has full resistance for VG-2 radar detectors. Even with the device turned off, the radar warning settings can be saved electronically indefinitely.

Operation manual:
1. Language exchange: Press the “MENU” button for about 10 seconds. Communication between English and Russian.
2. Set the alarm / alert mute tone: Shortly after receiving the signal, press the "UP" or "DN" button. Restart the product to return to audible alarm mode.

Review Snnetwork Radar Detector with Voice Prompt Speed
Snnetwork Radar Detector with Voice Prompt Speed

  • Wide detection area: the radar detector is the latest in common mode radar gun (ultra-fast shot mode). The radar can detect any fixed or forward radial velocity monitor in a range of 250 to 2500 meters, but it cannot detect the fixed radial velocity monitor.
  • Ultra Far Far and Super Heterodyne: The ultra-fast 360-degree scan detection function, even the fastest radar speedometer, can give warning of the greatest danger and detect the heterogeneous Ku band technology currently in use in Europe an electrical circuit.
  • Advanced System: Automatic Relative Speed ​​Sensor mute system that virtually eliminates false alarms and the shutdown function prevents your detector from being detected by currently available radar detectors. When the position is detected, the lidar sensor will notify that the speed sensor is approaching so you can confirm the speed of a section of the road.
  • Easy to use: long press the menu button to switch the language. The two languages ​​of this radar are integrated into English and Russian. Short press to change the mode, including Highway or City mode. There is a power switch in the power cable by which the turning on and off of the radar detector can be easily controlled.

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