Review DDMM 2020 Upgrade Magnetic Mini GPS Locator
DDMM 2020 Upgrade Magnetic Mini GPS Locator

  • [The water resistance function with built-in magnet does not require any additional attachments! Our GPS tracker has built-in high-strength magnets that can be easily attached to or on your vehicle. The device measures 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.80 inches.
  • Personal GPS Tracker] Our miniature tracking system has a SIM card that can be pocket, attached to the vehicle, stored in the trunk of a vehicle, or concealed precisely to ensure maximum visibility at all times.
  • [Real-time traffic tracking and real-time tracking as well as maps (using Google Maps) in web software or SilverCloud app can reliably and real-time track people, vehicles, or assets and receive updated text and email notifications.
  • Tracking and reporting your privacy securely and reliably is our top priority. The Spytec GPS platform does not store your information. All account information is securely encrypted and tracked.
  • [Secret Pursuit] After all, it is carried out in secret or "invisible and distracting" ways. The LED light can be turned off via the app so that the device does not display its location under the bright light.

how to use:
1. Google Play Store or Apple App Store Scan the QR code on the parcel box and download the app to search for "crack" or get the download link.
2. Long press the Smart Locator button. You will hear “drop, drop” twice and the LED will flash.
3. Find the smart locator, connect to the app, and swipe left to remove the tracker, then tap the ">" icon to rename or separate the smart locator.
4. Long press to close.

Question and Answer:
Q1: Do I have to pay an additional service fee for the product every month?
A1: No, the product can be used for free without service charge. Seller helps us to activate for free.
QUESTION 2: What is the range of this MINI GPS?
A2: Whether you are at home or outside, as long as you have a cell phone signal, you can use our products.
Question 3: How long is the battery life?
A3: The standby time is about 4-6 days.
Question 4: If this article is broadcast over the 4G data network, what if 4G is not available in the West?
Answer 4: If the tracker cannot find 4G service in a certain area, it will try to switch to 2G (if possible). However, 4G coverage is still very popular in the United States. Also, keep in mind that the tracker uses GPS satellites rather than cell groups to determine its location.

Material: ABS
Weight: 50g
Size: 35x20x14mm
Positioning accuracy: 10 meters / 50 meters
Alarm mode: SOS alarm, cell phone alarm
Battery type: Lithium battery
Antenna type: integrated
Operating voltage: 3.4-4.2V DC
Charging input: AC110-220V50 / 60Hz input
Network format: GSM / GPRS
GPRS: 60 downloads, TCP / IP
GSM positioning time: 25 seconds
Standby time: 4 ~ 6 days
Expansion Card: Micro TF Card (only required for recording function)

Review DDMM 2020 Upgrade Magnetic Mini GPS Locator
DDMM 2020 Upgrade Magnetic Mini GPS Locator

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