Review Osmewy GT055 Ultra-Thin SOS Personal GPS Tracker
Review Osmewy GT055 Ultra-Thin SOS Personal GPS Tracker

Osmewy Ultra Slim Personal GPS Tracker for Kids, Kids, Older Students, Geo-Fence, Anti-lost Bags, Backpacks, GPS Trackers, GPS Trackers, Luggage, 1000mAh GT055 Real Time

  • [Main function and manual]: Note: In the first FBA of this GPS tracker, our carrier colleague made a mistake by proving that it was in Chinese when packing it up. After purchasing, we'll email you an English travel guide from Amazon. - Super-slim personal GPS tracker for kids, large pocket backpack for students. Real-time positioning, historical path, geofence, vibration alarm, SOS alarm, remote switching, overspeed alarm, low battery alarm, etc.
  • [SOS and Geofence Warning: If your children or elderly people are in danger or need help, they can press the SOS button and you will receive a warning immediately. Geofence is an ideal choice for your beloved children, the elderly or motorcycles to avoid losing. When you turn it off or return it to the range you specified, you will receive a notification on your phone.
  • [Real-time tracking]: The GPS tracker adopts GSM, GPRS and GPS satellites. Use GPS tracker app to locate and monitor remote destinations for free. Regardless of whether you are traveling in a densely populated city, location information or on a secluded country road can be accurately displayed. Receive location data from the tracker with an accuracy of up to 15 meters directly to a mobile phone, tablet or computer.
  • 【Without SIM card and 2G network SIM card. This device requires a 2G SIM card. Please confirm that your region supports 2G. Most regions support 2G (you can visit T-Mobile Store). SpeedTalk (T-Mobile member) offers 2G service that you can buy from Amazon. Our animal tracker requires at least 30 million data per month. You can buy a 2G SIM card for $ 5 per month. GPS tracking via SMS, GPSONE app or online web. Our platform is free of charge.
  • [Free application and no monthly fee: Insert the SIM card correctly into the tracker. When the battery is charged, press the button to turn it on (if not, please charge it). Please note that a card other than a SIM card cannot be used. Download the free "GPSONE" app, call the IMEI code (included in the tracker) and the password is 123456. Set the center number for alerts and monitoring. Note: If your SIM card does not activate GPRS data, but SMS only, then you will not be able to check historical paths and geofences in the app. But others can verify via SMS.

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