Review EPOMAKER AKKO 3068 9009 Retro Mechanical Keyboard
EPOMAKER AKKO 3068 9009 Retro Mechanical Keyboard

EPOMAKER AKKO 3068 9009 Old 68 Keys Keyless Keyboard with Cherry MX Key Encapsulated N-key, 85% PBT Key Cover, Type-C Gamer Connector (Cherry Brown Key, 3068-9009)

AKKO was inspired by the popular Cherry G80-9009. Using the original classic colors (red and light blue), the whole look and feel is totally classic and elegant, making the color scheme unforgettable on your keyboard.

There are four sizes to choose from. The 68-key keyboard is compact and lightweight. It is a perfect keyless keyboard and includes keyboard shortcuts and arrow keys. If you want more sound, the 75-key, 84-key keyboard is a better option. Compared to the previous two keyboards, the 3087-9009 arrow keys are listed separately for ease of use. This 100% layout keyboard has all the features you need. Full size numeric keypad, F key, arrow keys. Everything is in the immediate vicinity.

The MX unit developed by Cherry is a classic mechanical keyboard switch with comfortable typing feel and stable performance. AKKO Retro 9009 can supply classic Cherry MX switches in blue, brown and red. You can choose the preferred switch according to your needs.

85% PBT connection
PBT keycaps are generally the best choice for keycap materials, they are even better than ABS keycaps because PBT is more durable and oil resistant (it doesn't glow like ABS over time). And it can hold the color longer. Our keys are corrosion, water and dust resistant. Even if you are on the go every day, the keyboard can last longer.

Three-legged sole to preserve the triumph
This model has 3 levels of adjustable feet, which you can use to find the optimum height and set the ideal position for writing, playing or programming lessons.

C-type design.
The Type-C interface ensures a fast and stable connection and comes with a separate cable for ease of use. Compatible with most consumer devices. It can support Type C to USB and Type C to Type C.

Review EPOMAKER AKKO 3068 9009 Retro Mechanical Keyboard
EPOMAKER AKKO 3068 9009 Retro Mechanical Keyboard

  • Retro is the new fashion. AKKO maintains its unique aesthetics and perfection, which is why after launching several versions of the 3068 keyboard, we introduce the AKKO 3068-9009 mechanical keyboard, inspired by the famous Cherry G80-9009. With the original antique colors, red and light blue, the overall look of the keyboard is totally classic, elegant and memorable
  • 60% layout, 68 keys. The keyboard supplied at 60% is very compact, which saves you a lot of office space and helps you look stylish. This could be one of your favorite desktop games and sizes. Despite its small size and light weight, it is an ideal keyless keyboard that includes hotkeys and arrow keys. Easy to use and suitable for most people
  • 85% hits PBT. 85% PBT keycaps, manufactured using a dye sublimation process, guarantee a long service life without fading. The other colorful switches included in the delivery range are inspired by the classic Cherry keyboard. You can take full advantage of AKKO's creativity. It also has a USB Type-C connection
  • Original Cherry MX switch and N key. Among the many options, we use 100% original Cherry MX equipment for fast response and ultimate competitive advantage. Ensure long-term stability. Welcome to AKKO, the professional manufacturer and manufacturer of mechanical keyboards, and start your gaming journey now
  • Adjustable feet and Type-C connector This model has 3 levels of adjustable feet to help you find the best height and position for writing, playing, or scheduling meetings. Type-C interface can ensure fast and stable connection, compatible with most consumer devices

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