Review iRULU 3399 Multiplayer Arcade Game Machine
iRULU 3399 Multiplayer Arcade Game Machine

IRULU 3399 Arcade Game Console, Pandora Multiplayer Home Joystick, Home Arcade Video Game with 16 Classic 3D Electronic Games, Latest System, Advanced CPU, HDMI Compatible, VGA 2020 New (6)


  • Console output compatible with HDTV, monitors, projectors, etc. Via HDMI and VGA.
  • USB connection to computers, laptops, and other devices / controllers.
  • 3.5mm AUX audio output for external speakers / subwoofer.

Six design keys
The traditional six-switch design allows you to adapt the key sequence according to your operating habits. Integrated pause function

Arcade joystick
Help 2 players (4 people when connected to gamepad) play the game at the same time, giving users a real arcade experience. The dual arcade joystick is perfect for any game

Game rating function
In addition to favorite game features and hidden games, you can also select games based on filter type (like fighting type, puzzle type, sport type, etc.) and alphabetical order of games. Uppercase letters for the name of the game.

Simply turn off the built-in speaker
Want to turn off the game console sound? It's like the breeze now!
Enter the configuration menu to deactivate the built-in speaker.

Review iRULU 3399 Multiplayer Arcade Game Machine
iRULU 3399 Multiplayer Arcade Game Machine

  • 【New Vision 1280x720 Full HD This arcade game console can connect to televisions, computers, game consoles and game consoles. It has high-definition visual effects, great sound quality, great game controls, and stable performance. And playing, learning in English. Best-in-Class Gaming Solution for Brand, Flexible Image Display;
  • Hallway Design] Pandora's Box acrylic panels feature bright lighting and elegant design, which makes this adorable gift box possible. HDMI / VGA output with built-in speakers, no additional audio playback devices needed for better gaming experience;
  • [Home Arcade System With Home Arcade System Box 9s + from Pandora, you can easily bring your own arcade world with you. It supports 2 players (some games support 4 players) to play games at the same time, and it can give users real arcade game experience. The D Double 8 dual direction joystick is ideal for all games;
  • [Favorite List] This video game console has a favorites list function. You can add your favorite games to the "Favorites List" displayed on the home page so that you can find them more quickly and gain more time playing your favorite game.
  • [Back to Childhood] Pandora's Box is packed with more than 3000 arcade games to bring back your childhood memories. No re-download or reset, it brings real arcade feel to you and brings you back to happy childhood moments with family and friends

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