Review JBL Quantum 600 Performance Gaming Headset
JBL Quantum 600 Performance Gaming Headset

JBL JBLQUANTUM600BLKAM Quantum 600 high performance wireless gaming headset

JBL Quantum 600 Gaming Headset The JBL Quantum Series delivers an audio experience that turns any headphone into a crown of everyday heroes. The JBL Quantum 600 comes bundled with JBL Quantum Engine software, which provides immersive surround sound and allows gamers on the computer to customize EQ, sound effects, microphone mode, and RGB effects. Created by our team of sound engineers and tested extensively with players from all over the world to develop a predictive algorithm that makes any game more immersive and gives you a competitive advantage. The JBL Quantum 600 gaming headset delivers precise sound scenes so you can amplify every epic gaming moment. Product details. Wireless Gaming Headset with Ear Hook, JBL Quantum Signature Sound, JBL Quantum Surround Sound, JBL Quantum Computer Program, DTS X: 2.0 Headphone, 3.5mm and 2.4GHz Wireless Connectivity, Chat Scale, Flip boom Microphone, over 70 years has produced history JBL the most accurate and immersive voices found in major places around the world. JBL's mission and vision is to make life closer, funnier, more personal and productive. The company combines passion and goals to develop smart products, systems, programs and services so that people everywhere can connect.

Use JBL QuantumSURROUND and DTS to stream games
With advanced algorithms, JBL QuantumSURROUND simulates a stunning multi-channel sound that creates an incredibly realistic spatial sound field for film-level immersion and brings true audio advantage over the competition. Also equipped with DTS Headphone: X v2.0.

Signed by JBL QuantumSOUND
From the tiniest of steps to the highest bangs. JBL QuantumSOUND signature makes every scene epic and every player even more competitive. The 50mm neodymium driver provides a specially designed gaming sound curve. Immerse yourself in the most realistic audio scene to gain a competitive edge.

Review JBL Quantum 600 Performance Gaming Headset
JBL Quantum 600 Performance Gaming Headset

  • In competitive games, sound is the way to survive and JBL knows a thing or two about great audio: From the fun of chasing enemies in FPS games to epic MOBA battles, the JBL Quantum 600 can amplify any victory.
  • It uses JBL Quantum Surround Sound technology to achieve precision and deliver immersive gaming audio that provides a competitive edge so that users do not have to miss any steps, hits or jumps while playing.
  • The memory foam earbuds on the JBL Quantum 600 Gaming Headset are covered in soft leather to provide comfort for marathons and 2.4GHz wireless connectivity for cross-platform gaming.
  • Scope of delivery: JBL Quantum 600 Wireless Gaming Headset with BlackBoom Microphone and RGB Lighting Effects, Compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Cell Phones and VR
  • The JBL Quantum 600 Gaming Headset features a microphone with echo cancellation technology that allows users to focus on the voices of their teammates rather than background noise for clear communication. Discord certified in-game chat points.

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