Review Stynice GH-2 Gaming Headset for PC PS4 Xbox One
Stynice GH-2 Gaming Headset for PC PS4 Xbox One

Stynice Gaming Headset for PC, PS4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Laptop, Crystal Sound PC Headphone with Noise Canceling Microphone and LED Light Speaker

Design inspiration: The design of the GH-2 gaming headset is inspired by the shape of a snake head. The gaming headset model is awesome. When plugged into a USB port, it looks like a pair of bright, sharp and fierce eyes. When you wear it, you are like a warrior on the field.

How do you define the best gaming headset today when it comes to headphone design and its unique and creative appearance?

Good sound quality is the key
This speaker is equipped with a 50mm magnetic neodymium speaker that delivers superb sound quality. Compared with 40mm driver, 50mm neodymium amplifier can not only achieve better low frequency effects, but also make the sound details more clear.

Neodymium magnets control low-frequency noise better and can deepen noise immersion. The headphones are equipped with neodymium magnets that can balance and purify the low frequency, mid frequency and high frequency audio output, the feeling of the hierarchy is clear.

The sound output from headphones is very rich. The bass effect of the gaming headset is very powerful and the details are also very delicate. At the same time, the deep and heavy low-frequency sound can produce the listening and posture distinction effect. In the shooting game, if you wear headphones, you can clearly hear the enemy footsteps and you can hear the sound of each shot and explosion close up, so you can feel different sound effects.

The helmet's midrange range is clear and natural, while all three layers are clear but not stiff. When using the headphone to chat online, the voice chat can make real and natural sounds, which makes the communication more interesting. Equipped with a 50mm subwoofer, this headphone should also become a quality music speaker. When you are using this headphone, the high-quality surround sound makes you feel like you are in a concert while listening to the music. For you, every time you use your headphones, it's the ultimate pleasure.

People who play games for a long time appreciate not only the sound quality but the comfort as well. We surveyed 2,104 players. The results show that more than 80% of gamers want a lightweight and comfortable gaming headset with great sound quality. GH-2 gaming headset is the best choice.

Comfort is common sense

  • 280g lightweight helmet body can make your head lighter.
  • After a year of research and testing, the engineers decided to abandon the traditional design of high-performance earphones and adopt a lightweight design. The gaming headset weighs only 280 grams (minus the cable weight) and is lighter than the regular, lightweight headphones. So it can be said that this headset is specially designed for gamers who need to wear the headset for a long time to play games every day.
  • The helmet is equipped with a headband 4 cm wide, which increases the contact area between the helmet and the head and can distribute the weight of the helmet evenly over the head. In addition, the contact part between the headphones and the head is a high resilience foam pad that can increase the comfort of the headphones even if they are worn for a long time without pressure.
Review Stynice GH-2 Gaming Headset for PC PS4 Xbox One
Stynice GH-2 Gaming Headset for PC PS4 Xbox One

Do you use these headphones?

  • The earmuff is very hard.
  • The earmuffs are very small.
  • The high-frequency sound quality is poor.
  • These conditions can make you uncomfortable if you spend a lot of time using headphones.

Earmuffs are comfortable and lightweight

  • The GH-2 gaming headset's ear cups are made of soft, synthetic-leather memory foam.
  • The helmet is also designed in such a way that it can be wrapped in a breathable, lightweight and breathable mesh.

High frequency sound quality
The helmet has excellent accuracy. When you listen to music played by violin, violin and other instruments, it can still deliver pure and elegant music without any noise or roughness.

  • The 3.5mm headphone jack is very compatible. You can use the headphone in Plug and Play mode without any other adapter. It is suitable for almost all game consoles and compatible with PS4 / PS4 Pro / PS4 Slim / Xbox One S / Xbox One X, NS / N New 3DS / N New 3DSLL and so on (except for the old Xbox One console). With just one headphone, you can enjoy a variety of the ultimate gaming experiences. So you deserve it!
  • The speaker cable is about 2 meters long, so it's no problem for singleplayers, team games or home video games.

  • An additional adapter required for Xbox One controller (but not included in our package).
  • How does the headset work after connecting to the Xbox console?
  • 1. Make sure you have the base of the Xbox One Wireless Controller to make sure your console has a 3.5mm AUX port for audio. Otherwise, you will need to use a separate Xbox One headphone adapter.
  • 2. Connect the 3.5mm headphone audio jack to the AUX port on the base of the console.
  • 3. Check the sound settings to ensure that your headset is selected as a dedicated audio device.
  • 4. On your Xbox One console, click the menu button to open the console menu, then choose Settings. You can now adjust headphone volume, headphone chat mixer, and monitor microphone.

  • The helmet has an arm that can rotate 120 degrees, which is very simple and flexible. The headset can be set at any time and the headset can record your voice from any angle, so you can always maintain a smooth connection with your teammates and there are no obstructions to block communication. right on time. It makes teamwork stronger.
  • The headphones have a noise canceling function that can effectively remove power noise and isolate the surrounding noise. Once the noise is eliminated, the sound is clear, natural and can be distributed evenly. Your teammates will be able to receive your claims more accurately. Combined with the one-touch mute function, switching between volume and mute only takes 1 second.
  • [Excellent sound quality that reproduces real gaming scenes. The audio output of the GH-2 gaming headset is very rich. It is equipped with a high-precision 50mm neodymium magnetic drive that maintains sound balance and clarity at low, medium and high frequencies, providing clear bass, surround sounds and stunning audio details to help pinpoint and pinpoint enemies with greater precision shoot. The active sound field creates a really shocking game scene and provides you great gaming experience.
  • Multi-Platform Compatible] Stynice Gaming Headset with 3.5mm Plug can be used with PS4 / PS4 Pro / PS4 Slim, Xbox One / Xbox One S / Xbox One X, PC, laptop and tablet computer. Compatible with iPad, iOS and Android (it has 3.5 slot). Additional Microsoft adapter required for Xbox One controller (Microsoft adapter not included). Note: The USB port is for LED only. You can enjoy different gaming experiences with just one headphone.
  • Adjustable Microphone For Excellent Noise Isolation] This microphone is designed for chat players. The microphone has a noise canceling function that can effectively remove power noise and isolate the surrounding noise. Once the noise is eliminated, the sound is even, clear and naturally emitted. The 120 ° flexible microphone is simple, flexible and can pick up your voice, so you can maintain smooth communication with your teammates at any time and without delay. This makes teamwork more interesting.
  • [Super soft and comfortable earmuffs] GH-2 earmuffs are made of soft leatherette memory foam. The helmet is also designed in such a way that it can be wrapped in a breathable, lightweight and breathable mesh. The skin-friendly headphone leather has strong heat dissipation and is suitable for long periods of headphone wear. The fully coated leather earcups have good sealing properties that can completely cover the ears and reduce noise so you can focus more on the game.
  • Exquisite craftsmanship and elegant appearance] high quality snake head inspiration. It is cool and unique. The bright design and bright LED lights enhance the game atmosphere. Matching 2m length braided color cable and 3.5mm plug, no pressure for single player, team games or video games at home.

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