Review Osmewy GT039B Magnetic Car GPS Tracker Vehicle
Osmewy GT039B Magnetic Car GPS Tracker Vehicle

Osmewy Magnetic Car GPS Tracker Real Time Vehicle Tracker Hidden Car Motorcycle Truck Anti-theft Security Anti-theft Alarm Old Man and Child 3000mah Backpack GT039B Personal GPS

Magnetic GPS tracker can be used for vehicles, cars, trucks, motorcycles, suitcases, backpacks for older children, valuables, etc. It can be tracked and monitored via the app, SMS or the Internet.
This car GPS tracker works with 2G GSM network. If you use it for tracking, then you need to insert a SIM card into this device.
Please confirm that your region can support 2G networks.
SIM card not included in our package.
SpeedTalk (T-Mobile member) offers 2G service for $ 5 per month. You can buy one from amazon.
Main function:
1. Real-time positioning
2- A historical path
3. Geo-fence
4. Speed ​​alert
5. Vibration alert
6. Offline alarm
7. Remote settings
8. External strong magnet

1. Free installation, easy to carry.
2. GPRS + GPS + BDS + LBS positioning with multiple accuracy.
3000mAh long battery standby and low battery alarm
4. Three working modes: rapid positioning, standard positioning, real-time positioning
5. Protection from theft and protection from loss
6. Unlimited range
7. Easy monitoring around the clock
8. Keeping data and reports for a period of six months

Model: GT039B
Positioning mode: GPRS + GPS + BDS + LBS
GSM Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GPRS: Class 12
Standby power: approx 2.5 mA
GPS positioning time: Cold start = 38 seconds
GPS positioning accuracy: 5 ~ 15 meters
GPS Sensitivity: Tracking: -165 dBm; Possession: -148 dBm
Working environment temperature: -20 + 70 degrees
Working environment humidity: 5% -95% RH
GSM Antenna: FPC Antenna
GPS antenna: Built-in high sensitivity ceramic antenna
Size: 74 x 40 x 22mm (GT039B)
Gross weight: 210g, net weight 98g
Built-in 3000mAh battery

Review Osmewy GT039B Magnetic Car GPS Tracker Vehicle
Osmewy GT039B Magnetic Car GPS Tracker Vehicle

  • [Main functions: real-time positioning, historical path, geofence, vibration alarm, remote switching, overspeed alarm, 3000mAh long standby, low battery alarm, group management, remote control. This personal GPS tracker is simple and easy to carry. It is suitable for children, children and the elderly in bags or pockets. It is also suitable for carrying pets and valuables in suitcases, as well as strong outdoor magnets for cars, trucks, etc.
  • [Anti-theft and loss protection]: Geo-fence alarm, vibration alarm, offline alarm, very suitable for your lovely bike or other anti-theft vehicles. And if stolen, follow the historical path in real time. These features can help you find it and fight loss.
  • [Wide application: It is widely used in corporate fleets, trucks, private cars, government cars, school buses, fast food trucks, rental cars, mortgage cars and other service companies vehicles and other vehicles, motorcycles and vehicles. Supports group management for multiple vehicles.
  • 【Without SIM card and 2G network SIM card. This device requires a 2G SIM card. Please confirm that your region supports 2G. Most regions support 2G (you can visit T-Mobile Store). SpeedTalk (T-Mobile member) offers 2G service that you can buy from Amazon. Our animal tracker requires at least 30 million data per month. You can buy a 2G SIM card for $ 5 per month. GPS tracking via SMS, GPSONE app or online web. Our platform is free of charge.
  • [Free application and no monthly fee]: Insert the SIM card correctly into the tracker. When the battery is charged, it will turn on automatically (if not charged, please charge it). Please note that the SIM card cannot be turned on if it is not the SIM card. Download the free "GPSONE" app, call the IMEI code (included in the tracker) and the password is 123456. Set the center number for alerts and monitoring. Note: If your SIM card does not activate GPRS data, but SMS only, then you will not be able to check historical paths and geofences in the app. But others can verify via SMS.

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