Review Thboxes Pet Dog Cat Mini GPS Tracker
Thboxes Pet Dog Cat Mini GPS Tracker

Thboxes Mini GPS Dog Tracker, Dog & Cats Location Tracker & Activity Tracker Waterproof GPS Locator With Unlimited Range

1. Mobile phone bluetooth link and bidirectional search function can connect 8 groups of devices against loss.
2. If the anti-loss device exceeds the specified Bluetooth range during communication, the phone and the anti-loss device will be alerted at the same time.
3. After disconnecting the loss protection device, the phone can check the location of the card.
4. Do not disturb the function, you can mute the volume for a certain period of time to avoid work interruptions and other important times.
5. Control the phone recording function through the anti-lost device to realize the remote self-timer.
6. Use the anti-loss device to control the phone recording function.
New Bluetooth 4.0 technology, ultra-low power consumption, CR2032 button cell battery power, sleep mode
Over ten months old, easy to replace.
Supports IOS and ANDROID 4.3 or higher (requires Bluetooth 4.0)
The shape of the anti-loss device looks beautiful, there are 4 main colors (white, black, red, blue optional) and can be customized
Offer each other unlimited imaginations
Material: ABS
Size: 42 * 42 * 8mm

Review Thboxes Pet Dog Cat Mini GPS Tracker
Thboxes Pet Dog Cat Mini GPS Tracker

  • Ultra-thin version of the design - Bluetooth 4.0, ultra-slim design, easy to carry.
  • Auto alarm - When the effective range is exceeded, the mobile phone and the anti-lost device will be alerted at the same time. When the anti-loss device is not connected, the phone can show the map location
  • Waterproof and long time ready so it works in wet weather and not for swimming. Powered by CR2032 button cell battery, over 10 months standby, easy to replace
  • Compatible with Iphone 4s / 5.5s, 5c, ipad mini.ITouch5, ipad 3/4.
  • Small GPS tracker, only 42 * 42 * 8mm, easy to use.

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