Review Tracki GPS Tracker Bundled with Vehicle Wiring Cable
Tracki GPS Tracker Bundled with Vehicle Wiring Cable

Tracki included with the car cable - a durable GPS tracker for cars, trucks, boats and motorcycles

Buy the Tracki GPS Tracker-PLUS-Tracki 2020 cable to take advantage of the package discount. This kit allows you to connect the Tracki directly to a car, truck, boat or other 12v power source. Connect the Tracki GPS tracker directly to your vehicle for trouble-free setup and maintenance. Don't worry about charging - it's always charging, always connected, and always on track.

  • Important note: This is a package! You receive a GPS tracker and a cable strap from Tracki at the same time.
  • Follow an infinite distance in real time. Complete coverage of the United States and all countries of the world. Including international SIM card. Long-term plans require a monthly fee of $ 19.95 or $ 9.95. Track vehicles, cars, trucks, children, teens, spouses, dogs, seniors, motorcycles, 4x4s, boats, equipment, tools, employees, assets and fleets of valuable merchandise. Put it in your pocket, backpack, luggage, cargo or under the car and track your location in real time via iPhone, Android, web apps, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa
  • The Tracki feature is that other trackers don't own: Tracki accounts for 30% of the size and weight. The SIM card can be used anywhere in the world. Customer service by direct phone. If the tracker is lost, it will be provided free of charge. Lifetime warranty. The best application for smartphones. Follow the indoor WiFi. Alerts can be sent to the tracker. 15 seconds hands-free ping. Accessories: magnet, belt clip, key ring, lanyard. 5 years of history. Bats can be replaced. If you click to die, you can exchange them for the dead bats. Follow up 3 times daily for 30 days. The larger liner can last 6 x 6 months and track three times a day.
  • Intelligent Warning, Watch and Notification: The revolutionary technology can be used indoors and outdoors. GPS / A-GSM / GSM abroad. Mac Wi-Fi ID is the global database of indoor tracking and bluetooth to the nearest 50 feet. Receive real-time notifications when the tracker crosses the geographic area of ​​your choice. Receive SOS (low speed, low speed) and send notifications of tracker movements via app notification, SMS or email. 5-year history report about speed, timestamp, map path and street view movie playback
  • Monthly costs: Just like a cell phone, the tracker must use a cellular network for the data connection. Monthly Required Fee: $ 19.95, $ 16.60, $ 13.95, or $ 9.95, depending on plan expiration date, to track unlimited usage and distances worldwide for free roaming, with no hidden charges. Real-time customer service: The Tracki website offers 24-hour real-time chat, ticketing, and phone support. Our US technical experts will work hard until you are 100% satisfied. Tracki is compact, easy to use, and easy to install

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