Spotify is testing many new features
Spotify is testing many new features

Spotify is a music-streaming platform used by nearly 300 million people around the world that is testing a number of new features.

This includes an expansion of the local network group chat function, automatic playlist update, a function to save podcast titles and 30 minutes of offline listening for free users. etc.

According to the leaked photos that Jin Wong originally discovered, one of the biggest changes to music streaming services is the ability for free users to listen to music offline for 30 minutes a day.

The service currently dedicates offline broadcasting to paid users, and users with free subscriptions can only use the platform if they have an internet connection.

When this change occurs, users with free subscriptions will be able to listen to music for half an hour every day without being connected to the Internet.

If you use Spotify to listen to podcasts, the platform also develops a feature called "Your Plot" which allows you to record specific plots from your favorite podcasts to listen to again, or use them when you have time. To follow these graphs.

Another feature is the automatic updating of playlists, which can be activated when users want to update their playlists and add new songs automatically.

The platform seems to provide a more comfortable driving experience for the new car's front end. The screenshot shows the car mode user interface with a new option to search for songs by language. The voice search button replaces the current car mode user interface. I like the button.

The platform is also developing a karaoke mode. Even though Spotify displays the lyrics of the selected song on the currently playing screen, it appears to have switched to full karaoke mode, with more space dedicated to lyrics and options. Adjust song volume. Trace the song.

Spotify isn't the first music streaming service to offer this feature. As Deezer announced earlier this year, it will provide a karaoke feature that can be used with Google's Chromecast device, allowing users to turn a TV into a karaoke machine.

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