Surface Duo is difficult to repair from Microsoft
Surface Duo is difficult to repair from Microsoft

Disassembling Surface Duo on Microsoft's website (iFixit) has confirmed that maintaining a two-screen device is easier than maintaining a single-screen smartphone.

Demolition of Microsoft Surface Duo mentioned that replacing the screen and back glass without much pressure can be a risky process, although everything else (like the charging port or battery) needs replacing.

As part of the disassembly process, iFixit, which specializes in mobile disassembly and assesses their installability, provided an X-ray of the Microsoft Surface Duo.

The inside of the left half is very close to a modern iPad or tablet.

But (iFixit) said: The right side looks like something we've never seen before because it's almost a solid wall of electronic circuits with a small window in the middle that can hold the second battery.

Like most other phone manufacturers, Microsoft uses a lot of glue to seal Surface Duo.

(IFixit) cautions that there is no guarantee that many fragile wires and plugs can be damaged if not disassembled properly.

Replacing the dual battery system requires almost complete dismantling of the device, and the Field Service Team (iFixit) also noted that one of the batteries has twice the capacity of the other.

Microsoft Surface Duo battery life is said not to be an issue, but after a year of intense multitasking, this $ 1,400 production device may not have the same battery life.

Microsoft offers an extended warranty (Microsoft Complete) for the device (Surface Duo). Due to the risk factors involved in attempting to repair the device, this extended warranty can be beneficial.

IFixit mining shows that LG Display manufactured this type of OLED screen.

Compared to the foldable devices on the market today, the disassembly process also carefully studies the simple hinge mechanism, which is one of the most impressive aspects of Microsoft's latest devices.

According to iFixit, the simple hinge mechanism is like a mini laptop hinge that rotates 360 degrees.

Microsoft's Surface Duo has a repair potential of only 2 out of 10, which puts it in a similar position to other foldable phones such as the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Z Flip and Huawei Mate Xs.

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