The second generation Razr phones add 5G technology
The second generation Razr phones add 5G technology

Motorola is trying to replace the first foldable version of the Razr mobile phone with the second generation (Razr), which supports 5G networks, better cameras, and more useful software, and is expected to be available in the fall.

Earlier this year, Motorola re-launched a mobile phone (Razr) to update its popular brand of foldable phones with a foldable screen, Android system, and at a price of $ 1,500.

However, due to poor hinges, poor cameras, and short battery life, it failed in several respects.

The overall design of the new phone (Razr) is similar to the original design of the phone with a 6.2-inch flip-up screen in the phone with a resolution of 2142 x 876 pixels.

An external OLED Quick View screen (2.7 '', 800 x 600 pixels) provides access to notifications and other essential functions.

The price of the second generation phone (Razr) is also high, at only $ 1,399, which is $ 100 less than the previous generation device.

There are a lot of changes inside as the processor (Snapdragon 765G) is faster, which helps to increase support for the fifth generation (5G) networks.

The random access memory (RAM) has been increased from 6 GB to 8 GB and the internal storage space has been doubled to 256 GB.

The battery capacity is getting bigger and bigger to reach 2800 mAh which helps solve the battery life issue.

The most obvious change is the transfer of the fingerprint sensor to the back of the phone and the camera has been completely redesigned.

The performance of the original (Razr) camera is poor, but it seems that the new model is changing as the built-in camera is a 20 mega-pixel sensor that can capture 5 mega-pixel still images and this can take into account that its quality is better than that of the original camera.

48MP rear view camera is also a new product. It has a new ToF laser auto-focus sensor, optical image stabilization, and thanks to the Razr external display and foldable functions, you can also use the camera used for taking selfies.

Motorola attaches great importance to improving the user interface and extending the functions of the external display. The new user interface is closer to the original Android system and provides access to several applications including Google Maps, YouTube, games, and the ability to reply to text messages without replying. Unlock the phone.

Motorola said it gathered opinions of Razr owners, even high-performance users who switch the phone on and off 100 times a day. The new model is expected to be five years old, but it says no stitching or screen. Specific improvements in durability or strength.

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