The United States has confiscated the OnePlus Buds as counterfeit Airpods
The United States has confiscated the OnePlus Buds as counterfeit Airpods

The US Customs and Border Protection Department released a tweet saying: Its officials recently confiscated 2,000 fake Apple AirPods in Hong Kong. If that was the original price, it was $ 398,000.

There are also press releases on this situation, commending Customs and Border Protection officials for protecting the American public from various daily risks.

The statement said: The interception of the fake earplugs directly reflects the vigilance and commitment of our customs and border guards to the success of the mission.

The AirPods are hard to distinguish from many similar headphones, but in this case it might be worth taking a look at the retail box.

According to pictures from private organizations, it appears that the confiscated products are OnePlus Buds in their retail box, which made this clear, but US Customs and Border Protection said this on Twitter was not an Apple product.

Although the images show US Customs and Border Protection, it is not clear if all of the 2,000 units captured were OnePlus Buds.

According to the press release, these units were from Hong Kong and were captured on August 31 at JFK International Airport en route to Nevada.

If all of the units are OnePlus Buds, the US Customs and Border Protection account is wrong as the price of 2,000 OnePlus Buds equals $ 158,000.

The press release did not refer to the Chinese company OnePlus, and it is not known if these officials know what they are looking for.

However, the retail packaging in these photos refers to OnePlus Buds, not the fake AirPods.

OnePlus Buds were released in June. This is a $ 79 wireless headphone introduced with the OnePlus Nord phone.

Like other Chinese cell phone makers, OnePlus has been accused of releasing copies of iPhones in the past, but its recent and flagship devices (like the OnePlus 8 Pro) protect it from such accusations. .

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