Facebook wants you to pay for Instagram links
Facebook wants you to pay for Instagram links

According to the patent application, Instagram is considering charging captions for links.

The patent application was first filed in 2016 by its parent company Facebook. The app offered a popup that appeared when the user added a URL to the translation and a pop-up asked if the user would pay $ 2 to add a link.

The title of the patent application (adding shippable links to multimedia translations in a social networking system) and describes how the system works. If the online system determines that the comment text content contains a text string linking to a specific address, the system pays the publisher a specified fee. Generate with link.

This has always been one of the biggest complaints about Instagram. If you want to include links to stories, products, or other items in your post, you cannot add the URL. For translation.

Most of the users use the "organic link" technology, and users of the verified image sharing platform can add links to the stories.

The question here would be whether influencers, brands, and other Instagram users would be willing to pay for each link, but it seems counterintuitive if this could generate profits for Instagram.

However, as with any patent, it is important to note that the company still applies patents for products and services that have never been manufactured. Hence, it is impossible to know if this function could actually take place.

Meanwhile, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said in a blog last week: `` They've investigated how the photo-sharing platform has audited over the past two months and then moved on to the review process. They change.

He added, "While the number of subscribers is never required to verify the form in the app (anyone can apply), we do have some systems that prioritize high-level accounts to bypass them. Daily earnings. Thousands of inquiries have been received. Since then we've removed this from Automation is part of the process.

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