Volkswagen's latest ID.3 electric vehicle is a disappointment
Volkswagen's latest ID.3 electric vehicle is a disappointment

German magazine Auto Motor und Sport said: The new Volkswagen ID.3 electric vehicle, modified before its release, is subject to the usual assembly and surface standards of well-known car manufacturers and has a limited range.

"The cap on the inside looks like a spray can," the magazine said. The magazine lamented the poor build quality of the Volkswagen brand in the test production model released this week.

At the time of criticism, the company's CEO (Herbert Dees) relinquished responsibility for the ongoing operations of the Volkswagen brand after CEO executives criticized his management style.

The magazine criticized the inconsistency of the gap on the car plate, the long start-up time of the infotainment system and the inability to operate the navigation system. At the same time, it praised the driving train and its range of only 359 kilometers.

Foreman criticized Volkswagen of the company's plan for the electric vehicle for its delay. In March, the company canceled the ratings, but admitted the car needed last-minute improvements.

The CEO drove the Tesla Model Y last week and enjoyed it. "This vehicle set us standards in many ways, including: user experience, scalability, driving features, better performance, charging system and distance," he said.

Volkswagen plans to produce 1.5 million electric cars by 2025. Volkswagen Group (Porsche), (Audi) Audi, (Skoda) and (Bentley and Bugatti) will also launch Bentley and Bugatti. There will be 75 electric cars by 2029 and 26 million cars will be produced by that time.

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