Acer released the first Chromebook with a Snapdragon processor
Acer released the first Chromebook with a Snapdragon processor

Acer today announced (Wednesday) that the (Chromebook Spin 513) Chromebook Spin 513 and (Chromebook Enterprise Spin 513) Chromebook Enterprise Spin 513.

The new computers are the first two computers to run ChromeOS and are equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 7c processor.

Chromebook Spin 513 will be available in North America in February for $ 399.99, while Chromebook Enterprise Spin 513 will be available at a starting price of $ 699.99 next March. $.

According to reports, the processor (Snapdragon 7C) is a low-end 8nm portable processor that is also used by many Windows computers with Microsoft operating systems. Although it is currently the weakest processor in Qualcomm laptops, Intel said: One of the most important benefits is the longer battery life. Acer said: The battery in the new computer can last about 14 hours.

The Chromebook Spin 513 and Chromebook Enterprise Spin 513 both have options to support 4G LTE networks.

The Chromebook Spin 513 offers 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage space. It has an aluminum frame and a 260 degree conductor. In addition to the USB-A port, it has two USB-C ports. .

The computer is lightweight, at only 1.19 kg and 15 mm thick. Chromebook Enterprise Spin 513 provides additional security and management features for business users.

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