Adobe offers smart tools to improve your marketing activities
Adobe offers smart tools to improve your marketing activities

Adobe said today (Monday) that it has added a number of new artificial intelligence tools to its digital marketing plan to help the company improve its marketing efforts.

Thanks to Adobe's reputation for applications like (Photoshop) Photoshop, Adobe has become one of the largest providers of software dedicated to performing such activities. Companies can use these programs to help identify thousands of programs containing potential images that customers should view. None of the images and written content. The growth in marketing software space has increased Adobe's stock price by nearly 50% this year alone.

The AI ​​feature released on Monday supports this business with the ability to scan or highlight thousands of product images by color and shape, or read articles using natural language processing technology to define their subject matter. .

This makes it easier for marketing campaigns to provide suggestions by, for example, showing people a pair of shoes who browse e-commerce sites or post messages on news sites that are similar to the shoes the user has previously viewed on topics similar to the ones users have read.

Although this type of artificial intelligence technology has been around for several years, it usually forces the company's marketing department to export data from their system, and in cooperation with another department in the company, use slower work speeds as (Ali Bohra) said. . Director of Product and Marketing Strategy at Adobe Analytics Services - in an interview. Adobe is applying these technologies directly to the marketing system so that less data is exported.

Additionally, Adobe confirmed that the recent update of the Lightroom photo-editing app for iOS devices has permanently removed user photos and filters (if needed). If the user does not want their photos to sync with Adobe cloud services, delete them privately.

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