What are the new features in Microsoft Edge 86 browser?
What are the new features in Microsoft Edge 86 browser?

Microsoft announced several new features for companies and consumers in Microsoft Edge Browser version 86 as the company wants to increase its share in the web browser market and move closer to Google Chrome, which is one of the web browsers. 62%.

What are the new features in Microsoft Edge 86 browser?

Several features of the new Microsoft Edge browser have been developed to make pre-holiday online shopping easier and more private as most customers do not need to go to stores due to the Coronavirus.

As Microsoft announced in an official blog post, Microsoft Edge 86 will include features that make shopping online easier, including a feature called "price comparison" that will help you find the best when shopping online. . suitable price. With just one click, you can easily compare the prices of the products you want on different e-commerce sites.

Edge 86 also has another great feature that supports using the dedicated Meet Now button to make free video calls to Skype from a new tab in your browser as this feature allows you to switch custom video calls directly to your family, friends, or colleagues via the browser.

Edge Browser now has a built-in screenshot tool. This allows you to record what you need on a webpage and share it with other people or save it for future reference. The browser will automatically scroll the page down so you can take a screenshot to get everything you need.

Other functions include the ability to delete downloads from the download manager, restore the previous version of the browser if necessary, and set an image as the background image when opening a new tab. You can know when to start typing a search query in the plugin store. The suggestions are completed automatically, and DNS support for Edge 86 provides additional security.

How does Microsoft view Edge 86 security and privacy compared to Google Chrome?

Compared to Google Chrome, Microsoft has promoted the security and privacy of its browser and cited detailed numbers in the NSS Labs report that indicate increased phishing from the coronavirus outbreak and upcoming holidays.

Microsoft Vice President said: “Microsoft Edge browser is more secure than Google Chrome and Firefox browsers because it can better protect against phishing attacks and malware in Windows 10 and has strong data protection features including: blocker tracking and family security controls.

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