Amazon blames a security issue for removing the Apple Card from its payment options
Amazon blames a security issue for removing the Apple Card from its payment options

On Friday, some Amazon users discovered that the Apple card number stored in their Amazon account had been deleted.

CNBC confirmed, through two separate accounts with Amazon, that the Apple Card used to shop on Thursday was removed from payment options on Friday.

Amazon said it did not intentionally remove the Apple Card from its payment options and attributed the problem to an error. "We are aware of this technical problem and are actively working to solve it as quickly as possible," an Amazon spokesman said in a statement.

Apple launched the Apple Card last year as part of a partnership between the bank and the bank's lender, Goldman Sachs, and Apple, who created a program for it in the Apple Wallet app and sold credit cards to customers. .

(Apple Card) was developed for contactless payments on iPhone or for online purchases via the Apple Pay system. However, it is a MasterCard with a credit card number that can be used as number 1. Any other credit card.

Apple card holders can use their Apple card to pay at Amazon. Amazon does not accept Apple Pay.

Last year, Bloomberg reported that the card network rated AppleCard a "elite", meaning that there is a higher conversion fee for every purchase. These fees are paid by merchants who often feel they have no choice but to pay higher fees for "Elite" cards.

In another letter related to Apple, Apple's head of retail services said in an interview with Reuters: The company is expanding its new business landscape to ensure that users can benefit from the new business. Amid the ongoing Corona epidemic. IPhone 12 mobile phone.

New shapes include: a wall in front of the flagship store, a sales counter protected with plexiglass and shelves for storing accessories such as cell phone cases and AirPods. Customers schedule appointments to receive inquiries online or to interact with Apple service engineers.

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