Pixelman 170 Degree HD Car Backup Camera
Pixelman 170 Degree HD Car Backup Camera

Pixelman HD Rear View Camera, Metal Body, 170 ° Wide Angle Rear View Camera, IP69 Waterproof Clear Rear View Camera

As a professional supplier, we are convinced that the powerful rear view camera is essential for driving and enable you to enjoy a pleasant ride.

In over 200 days, we analyzed nearly 15,000 rear camera reviews and questions, tested 26 rear cameras, and explored the pros and cons of each rear camera. We believe in a better understanding of which camera is a good rear view camera.

Perfectly compatible with your car, easy to install, excellent visual effect in variable lighting environment, good durability, stable signal, etc.

Based on regular rear view cameras, we can make significant improvements on up to 12 sides.
1 / 2.7 large format chip, micro lens (wide angle, 1.4mm aperture), housing, waterproof, bracket, plug, video cable, PCB power supply, power cord, etc.
Every detail is very important for your use, and each design also includes some of our efforts ...

1- What affects the life of the vehicle's rear camera?
80% of the damage to the reversing camera is caused by water.
Due to thermal expansion and contraction, the freshness film becomes lighter with age. In areas with large temperature differences, the reversing camera will be damaged after about 6 months.

2. Why isn't our reversing camera LED illuminated?
Our rear view camera uses a first-class lens and enough sensor chip to deliver clear images under back-light illumination.

3. Why are there flashes and streaks on the screen?
Since the traditional rear view camera uses exposed cables, the signal is usually unstable during long distance transmission.

4. Will the license plate rear view camera fit in your vehicle?
Make sure your monitor has a secure connector or purchase an adapter. You can also use an additional contact screen.

Pixelman 170 Degree HD Car Backup Camera
Pixelman 170 Degree HD Car Backup Camera

  • ★ [Big Upgrade] In developing the car rearview camera, we need not only to get excellent pictures but also to achieve amazing performance in bright or low light. Signal stability, water resistance, durability, stability, etc. are greatly improved. PixelMan Reverse Camera helps you have fun driving. This car rear camera is a must for you, right?
  • ★ 【Powerful sensor chip and precision lens The PixelMan rear view camera uses an impressive 1 / 2.7 inch sensor chip from Japan. The fisheye lens has a 170 ° viewing angle, 1.4mm aperture, noise reduction and powerful image processing functions that ensure excellent visual effects in various lighting environments. The PixelMan rear view camera uses a shielded pure copper cable to improve signal stability during long distance transmission.
  • ★ 【Durable metal casing, PixelMan IP69 license plate is extremely waterproof, rear view camera is made of hard metal shell, 100% nano seal, even rear view camera can be submerged in water for a year without worry, it is unmatched for preservation, and film insures Camera, as plastic ages faster due to thermal expansion and contraction.
  • ★ [Easy to Install] PixelMan rear view camera has a chip and supports two installation options. License plate holder can achieve hidden installation. This reversing camera cable has a 4-pin micro connector, which is easier to pass through the body, compared to the larger connector. Our power cord is made of thick copper wire that is easy to attach. Package includes fittings and accessories.
  • ★ [3 years of customer service] All of our license plate reversing cameras are tested. If you have any questions after receiving the back camera, please contact customer service according to your operating instructions. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 30 days money back and 36 months money back, we will never give you any loss, please rest assured order!

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