Amazon faces German strikes during Prime Day
Amazon faces German strikes during Prime Day

Amazon faces a strike in Germany during Golden Day, which is usually one of the busiest days of the year for e-commerce giants.

Warehouse workers from Leipzig, Bad Heesfeld, Rheinberg, Fern, Graben and Koblenz will join the strike organized by the German trade union Verdi.

An Amazon spokesperson said customers always get their orders on time and the strike will not affect the company's delivery time.

The strike took place on Tuesday and Wednesday because the union and its members believed that Amazon workers deserve better pay and better working conditions.

While the exact number of protesters is unclear, Secretary Verdi Sher's union said he believes thousands of workers will attend.

Many Amazon customers are waiting for the Prime Day solution and then order the requested products on the platform in order to obtain discounts in all regions.

With shoppers flocking to Amazon to shop, the company has more inventory than usual.

An Amazon spokesperson added: When we work in a safe and modern environment, we offer great salaries, benefits and career development opportunities.

The German trade union (Verdi) said in a press statement: It is also concerned about the alleged espionage methods used by Amazon to suppress union activists.

Amazon cut two jobs as an intelligence analyst in September. According to reports, these posts included monitoring various threats from Amazon, including labor unions.

On October 7, MEPs sent a letter to Amazon President (Jeff Bezos) urging his company to appoint intelligence officials to monitor union members and employees.

An Amazon spokesperson said at the time: The vacancy is not an accurate description of the role. It was a bug and has since been corrected.

"German workers in the Amazon are demanding higher wages and decent working conditions," UN Secretary General Christie Hoffmann said in a statement.

Hoffman added: Amazon has failed to keep workers safe. We worry that the influx of requests and the confusing pace of Golden Day will only make matters worse.

After employees in several logistics centers tested positive for the Coronavirus, Amazon employees went on strike in Germany in June, and a similar strike occurred in the United States.

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