Apple iPhone 12 comes with headphones in France
Apple iPhone 12 comes with headphones in France

In 2020, Apple launched a campaign against unnecessary carbon emissions and spent money making accessories by removing the charger and EarPods that came with the smartphone case. However, in one country, Apple could not dismantle for fear of violating the law. Helmet.

France insists that every mobile phone should have a speaker or headphone to protect children under 14 years old from electromagnetic waves.

Failure to do so will result in a fine of € 75,000. For this reason, Apple decided to install the new iPhone 12 with headphones, USB-C and Lightning cables in France without a charger.

Apple has also decided to remove headphones and chargers from the phones (iPhone 11), (iPhone XR) and (iPhone SE). However, in France these phones must have the same permissions.

For Apple, this is definitely a problem due to the package size and the increased weight. Given that France has more than 66 million people, it's definitely worth the effort by Apple.

And since the new iPhone box is smaller than the standard Apple box worldwide, the company had to put it in a bigger box with headphones.

Apple recommends customers use their existing chargers and headphones, but is also selling a new 20W wired charger and MagSafe Wireless Charger for $ 19 for $ 39, and offers a $ 10 discount on EarPods.

Consumers looking to buy a new iPhone can use the latest in chargers, headphones, and earphones. However, Apple also chose to lower the price of the EarPods and the 20-watt power supply by $ 10.

The new charger (MagSafe) is sure to be popular and Apple will spend a lot of money on marketing to encourage more purchases.

Prices for the new iPhone 12 (iPhone 12 mini) start at $ 699, the standard iPhone 12 at $ 799, iPhone 12 Pro at $ 999, and iPhone 12 Pro Max at $ 1099.

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