Huawei wants to impose restrictions on Nvidia and Arm transactions
Huawei wants to impose restrictions on Nvidia and Arm transactions

Chinese tech companies, including Huawei, have raised serious concerns about local regulators. Nvidia has offered to acquire chip design company (Arm) that could jeopardize the $ 40 billion deal.

Several of the country's most influential tech companies have campaigned with the State Administration of Market Regulation (SAMR) to either reject the deal or impose conditions to ensure they can take advantage of Arm tech.

They said: One of their concerns is that Nvidia might force the British company to cut ties with Chinese customers.

People fear that ARM semiconductor design and engineering is at the heart of most electronic devices around the world (from smartphones to supercomputers) and that another tool for the United States and the United States is China to compete for technological supremacy.

Nvidia has acquired (arm) from Japan's Softbank, subjugating it to the United States, and theoretically threatening the UK company's neutral position in the semiconductor industry.

In Beijing, any review of the deal could be influenced by what they believe the United States is increasingly trying to contain China's big tech companies.

It is able to approve the transactions because China is the largest consumer of semiconductors in the world, importing $ 300 billion worth of chips every year.

This may convince the Chinese regulators to obtain greater concessions from Nvidia in order to preserve Eminem's independence.

If Nvidia allows the acquisition of the Arm, Huawei could increase the adoption of the British company's chip designs.

The arm design is the basis for many Huawei products, including Kirin smartphone processors, Kunpeng chipset and Ascend for AI applications.

China has yet to consider the formal approval request and opposition may intensify in China. Noting that Chinese technology companies are moving towards American technology at a time of escalating hostility towards the United States.

Arm has licensed its technology to hundreds of companies and is not in competition with any company. As a result, the company has made great strides in equity.

Executives said that while the acquisition of Nvidia might jeopardize this, it is in their best interest to maintain the Arm's neutrality to avoid losing customers.

The deal requires approval from China, the United Kingdom, the European Union and the United States. This process typically involves government agencies seeking feedback from clients and competitors.

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