Apple is ramping up efforts to create an alternative search engine for Google
Apple is ramping up efforts to create an alternative search engine for Google

Apple has tacitly stepped up its efforts to develop search technology on the iPhone, according to a UK Financial Times report on Wednesday.

This report is about Apple's research. Regulators scrutinize the billions of dollars that Google pays each year to make sure the search engine is installed as the default search tool.

When iPhone users (with the latest version of iOS 14) type a query in the search window, Apple now displays its search results instead of Google search results. It also includes auto-complete style suggestions that highlight how to take advantage of your users' favorite searches. However, a small number of users will notice this change.

The US Department of Justice filed a complaint last week about Google's pushing Apple as the default search tool for the iPhone. The Ministry of Justice quoted "comprehensive estimates" as saying: Google pays Apple between 8 and 12 billion dollars every year as the default search engine for Apple products.

If the authorities decide to block the partnership, Apple's search service will offer an alternative to Google Search. According to the Financial Times, the Department of Justice case has made the company's research more urgent. The site quotes search marketing experts as saying that the company's Applebot (a networking program for creating online databases) is growing in popularity. Current activities.

Over the past few years, Apple has hired several research professionals. The Cupertino-based company hired John Giannandrea, who heads Google's search service in April 2018, and the company frequently hires research engineers.

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