Apple wants to bring the Apple TV app to Xbox consoles
Apple wants to bring the Apple TV app to Xbox consoles

Microsoft's Xbox is the latest platform to get the Apple TV apps.

According to a new report, the app is an option some users are using in the Xbox Insiders Beta.

(Apple TV) is a scalable media service from Apple that allows you to subscribe to a handful of original works and receive digital copies of movies and live shows through the Apple device ecosystem.

In recent years, Apple has expanded its coverage by enabling playback from external devices (Apple TV) and supporting frameworks (HomeKit) and (AirPlay 2) that opened the program.

As mentioned in the report, the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S platforms can be launched on November 10.

The app can access (Apple TV) services, including the Apple TV Plus subscription service that was launched in late 2019.

Since Apple recently banned Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass that works via the xCloud iOS app, its cooperation with Microsoft in this area is evident.

Apple is asking Microsoft to send each game in the library separately. It is clear that (Apple TV) does not broadcast all movies and TV shows on its service separately, and this is against the policy shown on (iOS).

There is currently no evidence that the Xbox app supports (Apple TV) (HomeKit) or (AirPlay 2).

Information released early last month showed that the media streaming platform (Roku) is working hard after acquiring the app (Apple TV) in fall 2019. To add support for HomeKit and AirPlay 2 for devices.

In recent years, TV manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, and LG have integrated without the required set-top boxes.

The source indicated that Apple is also working with Sony to bring the (Apple TV) application to the (PlayStation) platform and that HomeKit support may come at some point, but this feature may not be the case. Activate them at the same time as the application.

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