Microsoft is giving Windows ARM a major boost
Microsoft is giving Windows ARM a major boost

Microsoft has officially announced that it is working hard to support Windows Operating System (ARM) processor emulation (x86-64).

(X86-64) is the 64-bit version of (x86). The term is used to describe the Intel 8086-compatible processor instruction set and higher processors. This is the processor architecture used in most desktop and laptop computers.

Windows operating on ARM processors (such as the Surface Pro X) can now run 32-bit, 64-bit (ARM), and 32-bit (x86) applications.

The vast majority of desktop applications (such as Creative Suite) have been migrated to 64-bit (x86) by Adobe, and many no longer support 32-bit variants.

This prevents devices like (Surface Pro X) from accessing certain apps.

Thanks to Microsoft's new emulation support, Windows applications can now run on Windows systems with ARM processors, while x64 emulation support enables many programs to run.

The product, which was launched to support Windows Insider Test Application Simulation (x86-64), will launch in November and the OS will be updated on a larger scale over the next year.

Microsoft confirmed the support in the post and announced that it is working on improving the Microsoft Edge browser. Faster for ARM devices that use fewer batteries.

Microsoft Teams introduced Windows ARM processor, and Visual Studio Code has been updated and improved for ARM processor devices.

When the new news first appeared, there were rumors that the company would launch an updated device (Surface Pro X) in the fall. When moving to (ARM), it is very important that you have as many applications as possible.

It is called: (Surface Pro X) advanced processor (ARM), including processor from Microsoft (SQ2), which can be based on Qualcomm (Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 5G).

In addition, many manufacturers such as Apple are turning to ARM-based architectures to extend laptop battery life.

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