Apple's attack on targeted ads angered Facebook
Apple's attack on targeted ads angered Facebook

David Fisher, Facebook's chief revenue officer, said today (Tuesday) that its business model based on personal ads is "under attack" as Apple prepares to do something that could prevent Facebook and other companies from targeting ads. Capacity changes and its success is appreciated.

Changes to (Advertiser's Apple ID) allow iPhone users to block tracking when opening an app. The company originally planned to implement the change to iOS 14 that was introduced last month for the iPhone, but Apple said at the time that it would delay the start of the change until 2021, "to give developers time to make the necessary changes."

At the virtual meeting for Ad Week on Tuesday, Fisher spoke to the companies that control mobile platforms (like Apple and Google) that own the mobile operating system about Facebook's vulnerabilities. Male in appearance. diversity.

Fisher believes that despite "concerns and concerns" about technological risks, personalized and targeted advertising is essential to fuel the growth of the Internet. "The business model that Facebook doesn't rely on at all is it," Fisher said. On the contrary, for many companies it is a model worth preserving. Template can offer content for free while the business is running. Through ads. ''

"Right now, some of them have come under attack, and the tools that entrepreneurs and companies depend on today are under threat. For me, the changes that Apple is proposing will lead to developers backing down," Fisher added. And the most damaging big change business. "

Apple believes this change is aimed at protecting user privacy rather than attacking the advertising industry. As we all know, the privacy features of screens are the number one reason for purchasing an iPhone. This happens when consumers become increasingly concerned about their privacy on the Internet after the outrage of many companies, including the following companies.

Fischer said Facebook plans to "defend" its current model. About a month after Fisher's comments were posted, Instagram CEO (Adam Mosseri) announced that the company would refuse to make changes (Apple's Advertiser ID), believing it would be a "problem" for small businesses.

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