Cokpapa Gamepad Remote Controller for PS4
Cokpapa Gamepad Remote Controller for PS4

Cokpapa Wireless Controller for PS4, Sony Playstation 4 and PS4 / Pro / Slim / DualShock 4 / Remote Control with Charging Cable and Two Thumb Covers

Non-slip design and sweat proof

The handle can be comfortably held for a long time and it is made of non-slip and sweatproof materials. The surface is gentle on the skin, not just an old plastic stick.

Touch Control Panel

The PlayStation 4's analog joystick provides 360-degree flexibility, and the precision-touch control pad and share button give you a new way to play.

Dual.shock function

If the game experiences attacks and collisions due to the two built-in collision engines, the console can give you vibration feedback in real time. Another 3.5mm audio jack design.

HD Dashboard

D-pad is a highly accurate and tidy process. It can receive operating signals without deviation. It has high sensitivity and simplifies game type processing.

Ergonomic design

The game machine has an ergonomic design with linear control buttons, which is easy to control according to the user's habits in the game. The console supports loading external expansion ports.

Reset button

There is a small hole on the back of the console, a reset button that can be pressed if the console breaks down.

How do I pair a PS4 controller with Playstaion 4?

1. Connect the controller to the PS4 controller:
(1). Please charge the console for at least an hour.
(2). Please check firstly that the console is connected to the console with the USB cable
Use the connected USB cable to connect the console to the console. Then disconnect the cable and press the PS button. All displays are flash. If the screen is stable, then it is connected via bluetooth.
(3). If this fails, reset the console. Use a stylus to press the reset button (the small hole in the back of the console). Please reconnect them with the USB cable.
(4). Please delete all Bluetooth connection records on PlayStation 4 and then try to connect again.

2. Connect the console to the computer:

The console can be connected to a computer or laptop with a USB cable and used as a wired controller. When you connect the driver to the computer for the first time (Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10), the driver will be installed automatically.

Cokpapa Gamepad Remote Controller for PS4
Cokpapa Gamepad Remote Controller for PS4

  • 🎮 [Excellent Compatibility] This ps4 wireless controller is compatible with Playstation 4 / Pro / PC / Laptop and has the latest motion detection technology and vibration function, which can provide great gaming experience, use the gamepad to play most of the games on multi-platform devices to enjoy.
  • 🎮 [Immersive gaming experience as well as features like 6-axis sensor and vibration feedback, which can provide a more realistic gaming experience, our PS4 wireless controller also has an audio option that allows you to connect headphones to fully immerse yourself in global gaming.
  • Simulation and Precision Control buttons provide accuracy, comfort, and improved sensitivity to help you operate the in-game remote control.
  • 🎮 Wireless Function The high-performance radio technology can deliver reliable signal in a range of 6 to 10 meters without delay or interruption. It is not affected by other wireless devices with strong interference prevention, which means you have more mobile phone storage space.
  • 🎮 [Playback] Equipped with 800mAh battery, the gaming joystick provides 6 hours of uninterrupted gaming time. The integrated advanced chip also allows you to play games without worrying about cable or disconnection issues.

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