British MPs accuse Huawei of collusion with Beijing
British MPs accuse Huawei of collusion with Beijing

According to a new report from the British legislature, there is clear evidence of collusion between Huawei and the Chinese Communist Party.

British lawmakers have also suggested that the Chinese telecoms giant's equipment could be removed from the Chinese network earlier than expected.

These new British statements have increased the pressure on Huawei, which has been banned by major markets such as Australia and Japan, while also facing a series of sanctions from Washington aimed at keeping it away from technology. Keys like chips.

Huawei responded to this report: The report lacks credibility. Since it is based on opinions, not facts, we are sure that people will not believe these false allegations of collusion but will remember what Huawei UK has provided over the past 20 years.

The UK government announced in July that the country's telecom companies are expected to stop purchasing Huawei devices before the end of this year and remove Huawei devices from their infrastructure before 2027.

The move is the result of an urgent review of Huawei by the UK's National Cybersecurity Center after the United States imposed new sanctions on the Chinese giant to prevent it from providing major semiconductors.

Another investigation by the UK Parliamentary Defense Committee on UK 5G network security found: the schedule for removing Huawei devices from the network in 2027 is reasonable and the schedule for 2025 can be taken into account in certain circumstances.

Lawmakers have stated that the government should consider dismantling the equipment and making it economically viable before 2025 if pressure from allies continues or if the threat from China and major changes in the global situation justify it.

Lawmakers added: These restrictions appear to delay the launch of 5G networks and cause economic losses for the UK and airlines. The government should take steps to reduce delays and economic losses. If the 2027 deadline is advanced, telecom operators will be considered. .

Citing numerous statements during the parliamentary inquiry, lawmakers concluded that concerns about Huawei were based on clear evidence of collusion between the company and the Chinese Communist Party.

Huawei is a risky seller, the UK's National Cybersecurity Center said earlier this year. Huawei is a high risk seller. Since it is a Chinese company and may need to take harmful action in the UK under the 2017 China National Intelligence Act.

Chinese companies appear to be legally obligated to work with government intelligence agencies, which could mean handing over the data to Beijing, which Huawei denies.

Andre Pienaar, founder of C5 Capital, said that the Chinese government has helped fund Huawei.

In an article published in December, the Wall Street Journal described how Huawei received nearly $ 75 billion in loans, lines of credit, and other incentives.

The Defense Committee of the British Parliament said: Despite the contrary, it is clear that Huawei has close relations with the Chinese state and the Chinese Communist Party.

Lawmakers warned against surrendering to anti-China ideology and urged Britain to recognize the mutual benefits of China's participation in the economy.

Lawmakers have said: The UK needs to ensure that decisions regarding listing of Chinese companies are made based on evidence and can only make a separation decision if the risks are clear.

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