Snapchat turns London into an augmented reality experience
Snapchat turns London into an augmented reality experience

Snapchat introduced native lenses, a new feature that is one of the oldest for continuous and advanced augmented reality and collaboration.

This technology was first announced at Snap Partner Summit 2020 in June and is set to focus on digitizing the entire community.

This first domestic destination, which has now started in a small area near Carnaby Street in the UK capital, London, is called City Painter.

Use Snapchat Camera to showcase Carnaby Street, and City Painter lets you spray Carnaby stores with red and blue paint and decorate the bricks with pre-made wall panels.

A person on the street can see other people spraying paint and users can cover the shop with paint.

The native lens is the latest addition and was designed by the Snapchat (Landmarker) camera technology team.

Landmarkers is the company's first large-scale entry into the world of augmented reality, allowing users to place user-generated points on popular websites.

"The local lens is very complex and we have very little data to help us complete this work," said Ban Key, director of research engineering at Snapchat's London office.

He added: People are unlikely to take pictures on every street. Because there is not necessarily something interesting on every street.

This leads to difficulties with absolute spatial scale, as the user directs the camera from a single postcard view to a single milestone, which is usually fixed.

On the other hand, City Painter lens includes a 3D map of every Carnaby Street so users can draw from any angle.

A company needs to extract visual data from multiple sources. We are using 360-degree camera shots in a local lens to shoot, Ban said, aside from combining it with some of the public stories we may have in the area, anyone can walk down the street on the map.

The second difficulty is that the experiment is common because the local lens is fixed and synchronized.

Ban said, "We share a common reality. When you do something for this world, others can see the results almost instantly."

He added: If everyone leaves the experiment and new people emerge the next day, these changes will also continue until they can see the changing space.

The local lens is the latest project of augmented reality on the platform. Snapchat claims to have made over 1 million lenses with Lens Studio. Lens Studio is a tool the company makes available to the public to create augmented reality experiences.

This activity shaped the Snapchat Camera and we hope the Snapchat Camera understands and looks smartly at everything we see in the world.

The camera app is evolving with improvements like ads, video games, real-time experience, maps, and directions.

Ban said: We plan to do new things that were not possible before, such as: take an augmented reality tour of the community led by the celebrities who live there, or look for notes, photos and videos for your friends Find it out later or with you, friends play immersive augmented reality games and change the space Common digital.

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