Can Apple fix the application compatibility issue on the next Mac computer?
Can Apple fix the application compatibility issue on the next Mac computer?

Since Apple officially announced the move from Mac desktop and laptop computers to ARM processors (called Apple Silicon processors) instead of Intel processors, everyone has been concerned about how the company will fix the problem when it starts up. Exit. Application compatibility issues with new Mac computers running new Apple Silicon processors.

Apple is known for its attention to detail when it comes to releasing products. Hence, many expect the new MacBook Pro, which will be launched later this year or early next year, to work. With the new Apple Silicon processor, compatible and integrated in all important applications.

In addition to the release of new applications specifically designed for use with the new Apple Silicon processors, this will be initially implemented by Rosetta 2, an integrated program that allows applications (x86 Intel) to run on new ARM devices. It also introduces new tools that developers can use to transfer their apps.

Apple stated that users do not notice that the simulation is in use because each application is used during installation and not at runtime on Rosetta 2, but since there is no MacBook computer yet with the new Apple Silicon Operation wizard, so, of course, the company's claims have not been confirmed. . Hence, Apple should immediately fulfill its promise by starting Mac computers with new processors and a set of compatible basic applications that can run immediately without problems.

Apple must consider the issues it ran into when Microsoft first released the Surface Pro X tablet with an ARM processor last year when Microsoft was promoting it as an advanced mobile device. However, reviews have shown that the computer failed to run applications like it used to at home. : Photoshop or a complex video editing application.

As user expectations increase for future Mac computers equipped with Apple Silicon processors, Apple must redouble its efforts to ensure that new MacBook and MacBook Pro devices (expected to be available late) this year or early next year) will have the old x86 version. Seamless compatibility between apps and new x86 apps. ARM Architecture and Progressive Web Applications.

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