China has been accused of being a haven for cyber criminals
China has been accused of being a haven for cyber criminals

A senior US Department of Justice official claimed that if China is willing to infiltrate on behalf of the Chinese government, China will increasingly tolerate its criminals.

John Demers, assistant attorney general for national security affairs, said the latest US indictment revealed that China has become a safe haven for them as long as Chinese cybercriminals act on the country's behalf. .

He said, "This is very worrying because you now have a country that liberates the crime of piracy."

US government officials and security researchers have repeatedly made such allegations against Russia.

Demers said the combination of criminal activity in China and government-funded activity makes it difficult to defend US companies.

A spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Washington, DC, described the allegations as unfounded, adding that China was a staunch defender of cybersecurity and a victim of the hack.

In September, the United States announced two counts of accusing five Chinese citizens of hacking computers for personal gain and infiltrating students in Taiwan and Hong Kong, traditionally associated with government-sponsored activities.

One of the defendants is said to have sought protection from the Ministry of National Security of the Chinese Civil Intelligence Bureau.

Demers said it was similar to what the Russians did with hackers. Russian secret criminals are gaining increasing public attention.

Hackers shared tools and suggestions on Chinese forums, and one of the most popular programs (believed to be the fault of Chinese hackers) saw a $ 4 million fraud on Facebook, install malware on computers, and buy ads on Facebook. Behavior.

Facebook said: It does not appear that the perpetrator was from a Chinese country.

The US charges were announced nearly a year after the Chinese government-backed APT41 spyware group was exposed by security company FireEye.

The FireEye report helps decipher the overtime work of so-called Chinese hackers because it shows where espionage ends and personal enrichment begins.

Deemos also said: Chinese espionage is using shell companies to cover their tracks, and Iranian hackers allegedly used the same tactic.

The three men who were recently convicted work for Chengdu 404 Internet Technology, a cybersecurity company based in China.

(Chengdu 404 Network Technology Company) Employees are using commercial penetration testing tools to penetrate government networks in India and Vietnam.

Demers said the evidence is strong and nation-states and hackers will clearly make things more difficult, but this is still very possible.

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