Mozilla is concerned about the antitrust lawsuits against Google
Mozilla is concerned about the antitrust lawsuits against Google

The Mozilla Foundation issued an Initial Response to the US Department of Justice (DoJ) monopoly against Google's monopoly on alleged illegal searches.

It is worth noting that due to the search transaction between Mozilla and Google, Google has always been the main source of funding for the development of the Firefox browser, with the most recent deal being valued at $ 400 million annually.

Mozilla's response came from Amy Keating, the foundation's legal director.

Regarding the research transactions the Justice Department cited in the lawsuit, Keating said: The conclusion of the antitrust lawsuit should not cause collateral damage to the organization itself, like Mozilla.

And she explained that doing so might cause unexpected harm to small program developers that would damage the entire system without bringing much benefit to consumers and that no one could fix it. Big tech company problem.

Keating added: The creation of Mozilla has been closely associated with antitrust action against Microsoft for over 20 years, and corrective actions should target the entire ecosystem.

Google also responded to the lawsuit, saying the complaint was groundless and highly recommended.

"People choose Google because they choose Google, not because they have or cannot find alternatives," said Kent Walker, vice president of global affairs at Google.

He added, "This lawsuit will not help consumers. On the contrary, it artificially supports poor quality search alternatives, increases the price of phones, and makes it difficult for people to obtain the search services they need." They want to use it.

In the lawsuit, the Department of Justice designated Google as an online portal for users and advertisers. It accounts for 90% of all searches in the United States.

The Department of Justice said: Google has signed a number of private agreements that require users to be collectively designated as the default public search engine for billions of mobile devices and computers, collectively preventing users from accessing search engines and the primary means of the Internet. Globalism.

It should be noted that, as CEO Mitchell Baker said, the Mozilla Foundation laid off about 250 employees in August: The organization needs to adjust its finances to adapt to the post-Corona world.

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