Chrome OS looks dark, and this is what it looks like
Chrome OS looks dark, and this is what it looks like

Although apps for dark themes have always been popular with Chrome OS users by default, the OS uses the (light) theme by default, the dark theme has random spots, and the search bar in (Launcher) remains darker, but it wants people to turn off Lights out and reduce eye strain when using the computer for long periods of time, and the developers at Google got it, so they decide to do something.

As the Canarian Chrome OS channel shows, Google makes Chromebooks look dark all over the system. If you want to try, you can copy and paste it into the (URL) column (chrome: // logo / # enable-force-dark and chrome: // flags ## enable-webui-dark-mode) then paste in the dropdown list enable these two The flags in the Chrome OS menu are darker. I also recommend enabling the Chrome mode: // logo / # dark light. See the bottom line quickly.

You can tell the difference right away: once you apply the dark theme to Chrome OS, the browser and system apps are almost black in the style that matches perfectly with the default theme.

The background selection is by far the lightest, and its title bar matches the dark aesthetic that differs from other apps. Some parts of the UI are still subjective, but overall the new dark theme looks a lot more refined than it did a year ago.

Why is the dark topic important?

It's been around 6 months since Microsoft released the full Windows Dark theme, and Apple's macOS acquired this feature through Mojave two years ago. Some of you may remember that Google tried to roll it out in Chrome OS in the past but had to delay its release.

More than a year ago, Google introduced Google (Chrome: // flags / # force-dark-mode) in Chrome 78, which forced web content to use dark themes on all platforms.

This tag works well on Windows, Android, and macOS. However, if you enable it in Chrome OS, websites will crash. To make matters worse, the Settings page, File Manager and Chrome OS cannot be loaded by Chrome. This means that you will not be able to restore the default settings or access the files.

If you've been working with Chrome OS for a long time, adding a system-wide dark theme to Chrome OS makes a big difference, although lighting themes usually play a role due to high contrast, ease of use, and readability in all depths. Ensure dark environments are present and reduce stress. Eye. This last reason is the main reason why app and website developers usually use a black background when looking at long lists of icons. Most video streaming apps like Netflix also use a darker interface to calm your eyes while you scroll through the content list to make the selection.

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