German Parliament causes European sanctions against Russia
German Parliament causes European sanctions against Russia

The European Union imposed sanctions on Russia for its involvement in the penetration of the Bundestag into the German Bundestag in 2015.

Sanctions were imposed on the GRU, the Russian Military Intelligence Service, and its officers.

Two officials from the main Russian intelligence agency, Dmitry Badan and Igor Kostykov, have been identified.

European Union officials said: Baden is a member of the Russian Military Intelligence team that infiltrated the computer network in the German Bundestag between April and May 2015.

The European Union said: The cyber attack targeted the German Bundestag information system and affected its work for several days. A large amount of data was stolen. Several parliamentarians and Chancellor Angela Merkel's email accounts were also affected.

European Union officials said: Kostoyukov commanded Special Forces Headquarters 85 (GTsSS), also known as Military Unit 26165. The most common names in the cybersecurity industry are (APT28), (Fancy Bear), (Sofacy) or (Strontium).

Since accusations were brought against Baden earlier this year, German authorities have asked the European Union to impose formal sanctions on Russia in 2015 for violations of the German parliament.

Russian authorities said that in 2015 Germany never provided evidence of allegations of abuse against the Bundestag and Baden and that the Berlin government wanted to impose sanctions rather than bring those responsible to justice. Russian intelligence.

When Barding joined the APT28 group, he was also accused of a number of long-running violations in the United States, including cyberattacks against the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the Organization for the Prohibition of Weapons. Chemicals (OPCW) and Participation in Acts of Disinformation in American Politics.

In late July, officials in Brussels imposed sanctions on four Russian Military Intelligence officers who attempted to penetrate the OPCW's wireless network.

Sanctions were also imposed on Chinese and North Korean pirates.

Sanctions include travel bans and asset freezes. In addition, EU citizens and companies are not permitted to deal with sanctioned bodies.

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