Constellation of the Starlink constellation around the red planet
Constellation of the Starlink constellation around the red planet

Elon Musk's ambitious plan is to build a city of one million people on Mars, and he believes SpaceX's Starlink group could play an important role in the mission.

Company president and chief operating officer, Gwen Shotwell (Gwen Shotwell) recently detailed the method used to introduce technology to Red Planet.

"Once we get to Mars, people need to be able to communicate. I think it's important that we have groups like interstellar connections around Mars," said Shotwell.

Not only will the satellite broadcast the internet to people who live on Mars, it will also make the team a bridge between Earth and Earth.

Shotwell said that while SpaceX is observing Mars, it will not leave Earth and that the project will give humanity another chance once a terrible event occurs on Earth.

Shotwell said that Musk's overall goal in creating SpaceX is to create space transportation capabilities so that people can travel to other planets.

That lofty goal was crazy back in 2002, but now nearly 20 years later it's not the case anymore.

Mask wanted to colonize Mars for many years, and he made no secret of how he would achieve this goal.

In January, Musk aims to bring 1 million people to the Red Planet by 2050.

He plans to travel three times a day or 1,000 times a year with 100 people each time.

In 2017, he had the idea of ​​sending two cargo planes to Mars in 2022 and adding four more ships in 2024 - two with payload and two with the crew for stability.

In addition to Starlink, SpaceX spaceship also plays an important role in this goal.

Musk noted the progress the spacecraft had made during the hypothetical summit from Man to Mars last month and said the spacecraft is making progress.

But he was also concerned about establishing a base on the Red Planet, stressing that it would be difficult to build a self-sufficient city and that the settlers would face many risks if they developed a civilization there.

Although Musk has drawn pictures of people on the surface of Mars, he has said in the past that due to SpaceX's lack of progress, he might never get there.

Musk said we need to increase the pace of innovation in March or else I will die before arriving on Mars due to past trends.

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