The YouTube app gets new gestures and playback controls
The YouTube app gets new gestures and playback controls

YouTube released an update to its mobile app that includes new features that make viewing and controlling videos easier, including new gestures, updated player controls, and other features.

One of the major new updates is a new gesture that allows you to play videos in full screen mode without clicking that radio button or rotating the phone. Users can now swipe up in the video window to switch to full screen mode and down to return to the default player page.

There are new buttons in the video player too, and now there is a subtitle play button that appears directly in the overlay menu and a switch to turn on or off automatic video playback. You can also click the video clip timestamp to switch between showing the elapsed time and the remaining time for the video.

The updated app also includes an extended version of the video category feature that YouTube has developed over the past few months. There is now a new menu view where all chapters of the video including thumbnails can be viewed, similar to the DVD player menu.

YouTube is adding a number of new "recommended actions". There aren't many suggestions. You can suggest users rotate the phone, or maybe use the new full screen gestures mentioned earlier, or use virtual reality glasses for a better video experience. YouTube said more proposed measures will be added in the future.

In another YouTube story, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) directed the video uploader to the YouTube platform on GitHub for copyright infringement.

One such popular tool used by many developers is called YouTube-DL and it has now been removed from GitHub after it was threatened by the Recording Industry Association of America.

YouTube-DL is a command line program. This will get the URL from YouTube and direct the user to the original video and audio stored somewhere on the server.

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