DDR5 promises faster and more efficient computers
DDR5 promises faster and more efficient computers

South Korean chip maker (SK Hynix) has officially released the world's first 64GB DDR5 RAM.

The South Korean company is expected to start selling the product in the third quarter of 2021.

The announcement marks a milestone for the DDR4 RAM module, which has dominated PC memory since 2013.

Korean chip maker (SK Hynix) made a promise after promising three years ago to double the speed of a computer's RAM with DDR5.

DDR5-4800 chips support speeds from 4800-5600Mbps, potential data rate is faster than DDR4, power consumption is lower.

This speed means that these units are 1.8 times faster than standard DDR4 units and rated at 1.1 volts instead of 1.2 volts.

SK Hynix claims that this savings means 20% energy savings and that the maximum speed allowed in the DDR5 standard specification is 6400MB / s.

The technology also enables units up to 256 GB.

JEDEC officially launched DDR5 in July, but SK Hynix launched its first chipset in 2018.

In addition to memory amplification, DDR5 memory modules also have two 32-bit channels instead of one 64-bit channel, making it easier to increase maximum bandwidth.

The unit itself regulates the voltage, not the motherboard, so DDR5 RAM manufacturers can control the most important frequency.

SK Hynix tested units at 6400 Mbps and units at speed added 8400 Mbps to the roadmap.

However, you have to wait a while. As the business targets data centers first, these centers will benefit most from increased capacity and efficiency.

It is estimated that DDR5 RAM will account for only 10% of sales by 2022 and will reach 43% over the course of 2024.

Then it should become the de facto standard for all computers (including gaming devices).

Intel announced that it will support DDR5 in future processors, but AMD has not formally approved the standard and may not adopt it until 2022.

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