Facebook is banning political ads in the US after the election
Facebook is banning political ads in the US after the election

Facebook decided to ban political ads in the US indefinitely after the presidential election to avoid confusion about the results.

The company said: While political advertising is an important medium of expression in the United States, we plan to temporarily suspend all advertisements related to social, electoral or political issues in the United States after the November 3 vote. To reduce the number of ads in the United States. Chances of confusion or abuse. use.

Facebook has responded to widespread concerns that social media may skew election results, and the company has also taken steps to prevent candidates from declaring victory prematurely.

The company intends to add an info box to the top of its Facebook and Instagram apps to prevent a candidate or political party from declaring an early victory, while adding more information that conflicts with the claim registration process. No victory has yet been determined. by.

Due to the pandemic and the increasing number of people voting by mail, the final results of this year's elections may take longer than previous elections.

Facebook develops a number of policies and products to keep people informed and prevent the spread of disinformation. At the same time, people are taken to the Voting Information Center to get more information on the number of votes.

Facebook previously announced that it would freeze political ad sales in the US before the election, and the statute (before the complete post-election ban) bans ads claiming a false victory.

Nick Clegg, the company's director of global affairs, noted the ability to restrict other content if it could lead to violence.

The platform pledged to remove content from the pro-Trump Qanun military operation before the election.

While President Donald Trump refused to accept a peaceful transfer of power after the election defeat, election night chaos still loomed on the horizon.

Trump recently warned of the potential for widespread fraud in the election.

Democratic challenger Joe Biden criticized Facebook for failing to verify information or rule out Trump's false comments about the mail vote, and said moderate policies had been lifted.

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