European countries sign US agreements on 5G
European countries sign US agreements on 5G

The US State Department announced that four other European countries have signed 5G safety data.

The Slovak Republic, Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia issued a joint statement with the United States, while Kosovo signed a memorandum of understanding.

An announcement said: The Slovak Republic and the United States believe that the rigorous assessment of suppliers and the supply chain should take into account the rule of law, safe environment and ethical practices of suppliers, while suppliers adhere to safety standards and best practices to enhance the dynamic 5G ecosystem. the system. ).

These ads are part of the Washington Clean Web Initiative. In August, it was announced that it would cover carriers, app stores, cloud computing, and submarine cables.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said at the time: Huawei is a subsidiary of the surveillance nation in the People's Republic of China, based on the innovation and reputation of large US and foreign companies.

He added: These companies should remove their apps from the Huawei app store. Make sure that it does not deal with the perpetrators of human rights violations.

Since then, the United States announced that several European countries (either through government embargoes or the large telecom companies that choose not to use Huawei devices) have joined the Clean Network plan.

Recently, Huawei released its third-quarter financial report, with sales up nearly 10% to 671 billion yuan and net income up 8%.

In the same period last year, the company announced sales growth of 24% to 611 billion yuan and net income of 8.7%.

“Huawei’s business performance in the first three quarters of 2020 was broadly in line with expectations,” the company said.

She added: As the world grapples with the Coronavirus, Huawei's global supply chain is under tremendous pressure, manufacturing and operations face enormous challenges, and the company will continue to do its best. Find solutions to survive and move forward and cater to those solutions. Obligations towards customers and suppliers.

The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Administration (SDAA) signed a partnership with Huawei early last week to develop a national plan to develop artificial intelligence capabilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Department of Data and Artificial Intelligence also signed a smart city contract with the Alibaba Cloud Platform.

According to the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Department: With Alibaba's cloud-based AI platform, Saudi cities can intelligently manage urban services and develop new smart solutions to make them more resilient and better. Responding to the needs of citizens.

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