Facebook is preparing for the US election mayhem
Facebook is preparing for the US election mayhem

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Facebook platform is using insider tools previously used in countries such as Sri Lanka and Myanmar to map potential mayhem in the US presidential election on November 3.

Plans could include slowing down the delivery of news as it begins trading, changing the news feed algorithm to change what users see, and changing the rules for the types of dangerous content required. To delete.

Facebook has already used these strategies in so-called "high-risk countries" to deal with major national unrest or political bloodshed.

The tool is only used in situations of electoral violence or other dangerous situations, and some company employees have raised concerns that trying to slow down content could inadvertently obscure legitimate political discussions. .

A few years ago, Facebook's handling of violent hate speech against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar was widely criticized.

After an independent assessment of the situation in 2018, the social media giant admitted that it had not done enough to prevent its off-line platform from being used to spread and incite violence.

"We agree that we can and must do more," she said. You promised to be more prepared for future risks.

"The US presidential election will not be going on as usual," Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a blog in September.

He added: I fear that our country is very divided, that the results of the elections may take days or weeks, and that the risk of unrest across the country is increasing.

After President Trump has repeatedly criticized the mail voting process, these platforms are preparing to confront the uncertainty surrounding the US election. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, many people have used this method for this selection.

Facebook said last month that it would not take any new political ads a week before the US election.

The Voter Information Center has also added to the top of Facebook and Instagram feeds and plans to present official election results directly when partnering with Reuters.

Facebook said: It will categorize all posts announcing early victories and remove posts with incorrect information about the coronavirus epidemic and vote.

There are also plans to ban all political advertisements in the US indefinitely after the November 3 election.

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