European Legislators for Bezos: Is Amazon Spying on Us?
European Legislators for Bezos: Is Amazon Spying on Us?

European lawmakers have written to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos asking him to say that his company is hiring intelligence officials to monitor politicians, union members and employees.

The letter was written by Leila Chaibi, a French politician from the La France Insoumise political party, then it was signed by 36 MPs from the left-wing European Parliament and the EU’s majority Greens. .

"We question your intentions with great concern: Is Amazon's surveillance system targeting trade unionists, Amazon workers, and political figures (including us) who might criticize them?"

The message was released after Amazon cut two "intelligence analyst" jobs with exemplary skills in French and Spanish. According to the vacancies, these positions include monitoring various threats that Amazon is considering including: labor unions and "hostile political leaders".

"We fear that European trade unions and local, national or European elected officials will be influenced in this way in monitoring threats to suppress collective action and union organizing," the letter reads.

Once appointed, the analyst will be responsible for gathering information about threats inside and outside of Amazon and reporting the data to executives across the company.

The job advertisement states that the analyst is responsible for gathering information on "highly sensitive and confidential topics, including: threats to the company's organizational work" and "financing and activities for business activities". V. Amazon (internal and external) ”and a briefing on“ the dynamic situation. ”This includes protests, geopolitical crises, and other issues“ sensitive to human resources and employee relations. ”

These personnel are intended for applicants with experience in law enforcement or the military. You will be based at Amazon headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. These employees will be part of the Amazon Global Intelligence Operations Intelligence Program.

A company spokesperson told CNBC, "The position is not an accurate description of the job. It was poorly executed and then corrected."

The union said last week: The European Commission, the EU's executive body, needs to investigate the legality of monitoring Amazon workers.

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