Google launched Chrome 86 with many security functions
Google launched Chrome 86 with many security functions

On Tuesday, Google released version 86 of its web browser app (Chrome) for Android, Mac, Windows and Linux. The product has many additional functions. In addition to improving stability, the focus is also on improving user security. .

Google introduced many new security features in the desktop version of the web browser now available for mobile devices with Chrome 86.

One of these security features is Password Check, which analyzes stored credentials to determine if the password was stolen in the event of a leak. This feature is already available in Chrome browsers on Android and iOS.

The advanced Safe Browsing feature shares "unusual URLs" with Google in real time to notify users when they visit phishing sites or encounter malware. Since this version of Android has optional mods, the company found that "the number of users who type passwords on phishing sites has decreased by 20%".

In the new version, Apple's Face ID or Touch ID security functions and even phone passwords can be used as an authentication method to auto-fill in passwords in iOS. In July this year, the company added a similar password feature to Android.

Google recommends websites use as their URL scheme. This system allows the default password manager to display a large button that allows users to quickly change their passwords once their credentials are compromised.

The long URLs with the correct page name are often used to trick people into being on a legitimate website. To combat this common phishing, Chrome 86 only tests the address bar's recordable bandwidth. Users can view the full URL.

Chrome 86 also introduces new "security tips" for websites whose URLs appear "very similar" to other websites. To combat theft, Google displays the following sentence to the user: "Did you mean ...?" To warn him to check the title name before continuing.

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