Facebook is testing a feature to communicate between neighbors of the same neighborhood
Facebook is testing a feature to communicate between neighbors of the same neighborhood

Facebook has confirmed that it is testing a new feature that will encourage users to post and share messages on social networks focusing on small geographies.

Users can create private profiles and share limited information with their neighbors, while Facebook uses detailed location data collected from registrars to serve more "relevant" ads.

The feature called "Neighborhood" is currently being tested in only one region of Calgary, Canada. However, if the initial tests are successful, Facebook may be able to give more users access to the feature. Noting that another social network on Nextdoor is proving the utility of this model, they are looking for an initial public offering of between $ 4 billion and $ 5 billion.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra (Matt Navarra) posted screenshots of the new Facebook features on Twitter on Tuesday. However, the first release of this feature was discovered in May last year.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that it has tested the Bloomberg News functionality and said: “Users are increasingly using Facebook to participate in their communities. To facilitate this process, we have run limited testing on (neighbors). This is a Facebook placeholder that people can use to communicate with their neighbors.”

The screenshot published by Navarra shows the process of setting up the feature and Facebook asking users to "talk to the neighbors." User must confirm their location to complete zone matching and then remove access to this data. Then create a restricted profile, even if your neighbor is not a friend on Facebook, your neighbor can see it.

The splash screen for this feature instructs users to remember five rules: "Keep your content", "Stay friendly", "Keep local content", "Keep clean" and "Share valuable information". Users can invite friends to join, ask them to answer questions about their neighbors, and share photos. According to Navarra, users can leave or change the community at any time.

It is believed that the focus on community coincides with the slow development of Facebook in small communities. In recent years, the company has focused primarily on private and public groups rather than more open interactions between users and the larger circle of friends.

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