The S20 beats the iPhone 12 when using the 5G network
The S20 beats the iPhone 12 when using the 5G network

Battery test for iPhone 12 shows that the new model depends heavily on battery life when using the fifth generation network, as the battery life is high compared to the (4G) network, and the battery life of the iPhone 12 becomes a major model when using a network The fifth generation has been shortened by nearly Two hours and put the phone worse. iPhone 12 Professional Edition.

(Tomsguide) evaluated the new model to check battery life. Tom's Guide battery test is based on constantly surfing the internet with 150 nits screen brightness and starting a new website every 30 seconds until the battery is empty. This time it adds a new element.

When using 4G, iPhone 12 can reach 10 hours 23 minutes. However, when using the 5G network, the number is reduced to 8 hours 25 minutes, that is, 1 hour 58 minutes.

The battery life of iPhone 12 Pro has been reduced further because when using the 4G network, the phone recording time is 11 hours and 24 minutes, while when using the network, the battery life of the fifth generation is 9 hours and 6 minutes, which reduces corresponding to 2 hours and 18 Accurate.

The site also compared Android phones with 5G support, but the comparison results are not perfect.

Compared to iPhone 12 phones with 5G networks, Samsung Galaxy phones generally have a longer battery life. However, when the screen on Samsung phones is set to a refresh rate of 120Hz, it consumes a lot. Of energy. Example: With 5G, Samsung Galaxy S20's battery will last for 9 hours 31 minutes. However, with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, the time is reduced to 8 hours 4 minutes.

When using 5G, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus battery lasts 10 hours 31 minutes, which is 1.5 hours longer than iPhone 12 Pro. When using a 120Hz refresh rate, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus battery lasts 8 hours 55 minutes.

Apple is well aware of this issue and has added a feature in iOS 14 that intelligently switches data speeds.

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