Facebook launched Facebook Gaming a cloud gaming service
Facebook launched Facebook Gaming a cloud gaming service

Facebook announced today the launch of a cloud gaming service (Facebook Gaming) on ​​the website, which will be used on the Android system. However, due to Apple's "all" policy, no games can be made available on iOS.

Facebook and Android network users can try free games in seconds without leaving the social network. Users can play games installed in Facebook's data center without having to download them to the device. This idea is similar to the services provided by Microsoft and Google, but without the advanced games for the game platforms that these services provide.
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In the long-running feud between Facebook and Apple, the last thing was to exclude Apple devices from Facebook's cloud gaming service.

Last August, after six months of trying to convince Apple to agree, Facebook launched a Facebook game app on the App Store.

Facebook said at the time: It had responded to Apple's request to change the gaming app so that it could be distributed to iPhone and iPad smartphone users starting August 7. In order to comply with Apple regulations, apps are blocked if their "primary purpose" is to broadcast programs such as games. The Social Network said: It has completely removed playable games from its new app.

Facebook said: Apple used its authority on the App Store to make the Facebook Gaming app a simple experience for iPhone and iPad owners. In addition to playable games, the original version of the app also allows users to watch games, broadcast them live, and participate in the gaming community.

Games is Apple's largest source of income in the App Store, and several tech employees have concluded that Apple bans gaming services that could compete with its products and sales.

The Silicon Valley controversy is believed to have highlighted the level of competition between them. Although Facebook runs the largest social network in the world and has many popular apps such as Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, Apple uses its own app store to control its distribution. Therefore, the company is counting on Apple to attract many users.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, expressed his shock at the power of Apple, albeit indirectly. "Some of them are rookies, and others are gatekeepers who can or can prevent us from launching our apps in their app stores to compete with them," Zuckerberg said in his previous testimony before Congress.

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