Searching for an iPhone costs Google $ 8 to $ 12 billion annually
Searching for an iPhone costs Google $ 8 to $ 12 billion annually

It's no secret that Google paid Apple to keep its default iPhone search engine. We have not known the details of the deal for many years.

Google and Apple could be strong competitors. They often quarrel with each other when the opportunity permits, but when they do business in their best interests, the Department of Justice criticizes the iPhone search agreement between Google and Apple. Google Tracking and recent estimates show that business is vast. Between $ 8 billion and $ 12 billion a year.

These are the high fees Google will have to pay, but the company cannot afford to lose the lucrative side of the iPhone search business, but the US government views iPhone search as a potentially harmful alliance with competition.

According to the New York Times, the US Department of Justice estimates that nearly half of all Google searches come from Apple devices. According to the Department of Justice, the possibility of losing an Apple transaction is considered a case by Google (code red).

The Department of Justice is forcing the court to issue an injunction barring Google from conducting transactions that compete with Apple, such as Apple.

After Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai met to discuss how to increase search revenue, the government quoted, among other things, a senior Apple employee who sent them Google in 2018. Email by email.

A former Google executive said: The prospect of losing traffic from Apple is terrifying and confirms the government's position on the matter. According to the report, this deal is also very profitable for Apple as it represents a net profit.

Google's payments to Apple may have been the biggest push it made. It accounts for between 14% and 21% of Apple's annual revenue.

Since most of the people want to visit Google, Apple doesn't have to go to great lengths to set their search engine (Google) as the default search engine for all iPhones, and a lot of people don't. Worry about changing the default search options.

For many years, Apple has provided users with various search options that can be changed at any time. Additionally, Apple continues to improve the privacy tools built into its services, including new technologies that affect Google's net earnings and make it difficult for advertisers to track users online.

Termination of contract could have other serious implications for Google. Google is convinced that Apple will buy or use its own alternative search engine. Google employees seem to believe that Apple is one of the few companies that can devise an alternative to Google Search. Other members of the company are concerned that Apple will make it difficult for iPhone users to access Google Search without a deal.

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