Free video calls arrive in the Edge browser
Free video calls arrive in the Edge browser

Microsoft announced a number of new features for the Edge browser, including improvements to PDF files, built-in screenshot tools, support for more features and new shopping features, but the notable addition is Free Video over Skype.

Microsoft is now using the special Meet Now button to offer free Skype video calls from a new tab in the Edge browser.

Clicking "Meet Now" will generate a video chat link that you can share with up to 50 friends who can join for free without signing up or downloading.

The Meet Now button allows you to share your screen, chat with other people, and record conversations for up to 24 hours.

Microsoft relies on people who want more time to talk and fewer participants.

The Meet Now button takes off from Edge this month. The company plans to roll it out to the web version of Outlook and the Windows 10 system tray in the coming weeks.

Microsoft said: One of the most important features that the Edge Wizard (PDF) needs is directory support.

With the new version, you can now search PDF files by clicking on the appropriate part in the table of contents.

Edge Browser now includes a built-in screenshot tool that allows you to capture what you need from a webpage and share it with others or save it for future reference.

The browser scrolls the page automatically so you can get everything you need with one screenshot.

Microsoft pledges to provide an ink toolbar and in a future release the entire web page can be captured with just one click.

The browser now supports the functionality of other Chromium-based stores (such as the Chrome Web Store).

Edge has a feature called "Price Comparison" that compares the prices of the products you search for from other retailers.

You can add products to the bundle and then click the option to compare prices with other retailers. See the price list for this item at other retailers.

Microsoft has added the Pinterest functionality to the group functionality for Edge so that browser users can export group web pages, images or texts in Pinterest boards.

Groups now support exporting to (Excel), (OneNote), (Word) and (Pinterest).

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